Get Fit and Reduce Stress With Spanish Flamenco

We have talked a lot about the health and fitness benefits of dancing recently, but dancing is also a great way to reduce stress. Flamenco, the stomping, slapping, clapping dance from Spain seems to be one of the best stress busting dances that you can do.

Flamenco is a dance developed by the gypsies of Andalusia. Women wear heavy shoes with metal plates, which are used to stamp the ground with vigor. This stamping not only strengthens and tones muscles, but also helps to literally stamp away the stresses of modern life.

Flamenco helps to improve fitness levels, strengthens ligaments, joints, leg and thigh muscles. It can improve your posture too as it is a very upright dance.

Flamenco is almost like a cross between dance and boxing. The energy and aggression required to stamp out the Flamenco moves at times seems more like a martial arts routine than a dance.

Flamenco Master classes 2008

Master Flamenco dance classes taught by David Paniagua and Maria José Franco for the New World Flamenco Festival

Flamenco Dance Teaching with Isabella Cascarano

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  1. Sandra La Espuelita
    September 27, 2010 at 8:02 am

    Flamenco dancing is also specifically important in developing core muscle groups, as well as encouraging great posture and self-esteem!

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