FITT Principles for Fitness and Weight Loss: Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type

We first mentioned using the FITT principals in our article about football training and soccer workouts. The FITT principals are Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type. These simple rules apply to all forms of fitness and exercise.

FITT is a form of fitness planning really. Rather than blindly charging into a new fitness program you should have an understanding of what your goals are and how they can be best achieved. These same rules apply to both professional athletes and those who are trying to lose weight. These four FITT rules should always be specified in a training program to avoid hitting a plateau, or over training, which are both detrimental to development.

For weight loss purposes you should aim to follow these FITT rules:

A FITT program, whether for fitness or weight loss, should be approached with continuous improvement in mind. Set a plan with specific goals and log your workouts and progress. Keep a note of times taken, distance, weight lifted etc. for all your for exercises and workouts and note your progress. If you are not reaching your goals you will need to modify and improve the plan.

There should of course be a fifth rule of FITT – never giver up!