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credit crunch fitnessWe are great believers in empowering people to get fit and lose weight at home, for free. This philosophy is even more important during these hard times we are currently experiencing. So, in addition to our standard suggestions to do bodyweight circuit training and running for fitness (rather than pay for expensive gym membership) here are a few tips for Spring and Summer.

Walk or Cycle to work

Walking and cycling are both healthy and free. If you usually catch a bus, or drive and park in an expensive car park, then you need to consider alternatives. For many people, leaving the house a little earlier will enable them to walk or cycle, some of the way at least.

Pack your own meals

By packing your own breakfast and lunch box you can save money while being healthier. Muesli and yoghurt for breakfast, or salads for lunch, are great healthy options.

Workout at Home

Really the number one method is still bodyweight circuit training exercises at home, so we will mention them again afterall. Do squats, lunges, star jumps, crunches, press ups, vertical jumping and squat thrusts, and you will soon work up a sweat. Buy some cheap dumbbells for curls, lateral raises, shoulder press and triceps extensions, and you have an intensive, fat burning workout.

Yoga at home

After only a few yoga lessons you should know enough to train by yourself each week. Learn the sun salutation and repeat that several times. This provides a good body workout, and costs nothing. Also buy performing this first thing in the morning you boost you metabolism and help to flatten that tummy!

Buy a punch bag

Boxing and kicking workouts use up huge amounts of energy, and with some motivational music, the time flies and you get an excellent workout without really trying! No more boring hours spent on the stationary bike, watching Sky News at the local McGym.

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  1. I found that losing weight is not that hard as anyone would think. It sure takes commitment and following a simple plan but the key element is persistence.

    You need to monitor the calories, lose the junk food, sodas, sweets and do some physical exercises. I myself love dancing. And remember to use a fat burner to accelerate the fat metabolism.

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