Abs Yoga Workout for Beginners

The video below shows how yoga postures and training can be used to help work the abdominal muscles to strengthen and tone them. These abs exercises from yoga cannot be more different from the boxing training workout we looked at earlier.

The training states the purpose is to build powerful and attractive abs, although really attractiveness is dependent on various other factors that this exercise does not cover.

“A vital force, rather than a brute force.”

The exercises consist of both physical exercises, breathing and relaxation. The exercises consist of a series of yoga poses (asanas), which support the spine and strengthen the core. Not just muscular strength, but suppleness and vital energy.

The location is awesome and the instruction is good!

Notice that the exercises are done slowly and while always keeping perfect form. The emphasis is always on controlled stability exercises. Notice also that the belly is hollowed in these exercises, this is the opposite of the Abdominal Bracing approach, which is when the abdominals are engaged and tightened to strengthen but not hollowed.

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