6 Fun Physical Activities to Do with Kids

Kids have a lot of energy, and this can be released in a productive manner through healthy, fun forms of exercise. Often, if children are cooped up at home, it can have a detrimental effect on both their physical and mental wellbeing – they can become restless, anxious and misbehave. Their sleep quality may deteriorate and they may form unhealthy eating habits. Exercise helps form healthy behaviors based around developing cognitive thinking and improving fitness. Socialization is also an important aspect of physical activities, both with peers and providing bonding opportunities with you as a family. The following is a varied list of potential activities to engage in, which provides something for everyone.


Swimming is a fantastic exercise for people of all ages. Children love to play in water, and this activity exercises all muscle groups without putting pressure on joints. This is perfect for older relatives to play with the kids through, as they can get involved without risking their health. Make sure children are supervised at all times, but so many great games can be had playing in a local pool. This is a lovely, inexpensive treat at either a leisure center or even at a pond or lake (provided it is safe). Learning how to swim is a milestone for young children which is a great phase of development in their formative years.


Baseball is a classic American sport which so many children flock to, and it is easy to understand why. There are lots of different elements to master when taking on different roles of the game, and youth leagues offer a great sense of competitive energy which increases team spirit and encourages a healthy dedication to sport in general. Baseball teaches patience and focus, as players need to be aware of their timings and make the right choices in each individual game. 

There are no physical limitations which is often required in other sports like basketball (where height is often a determining factor of success) or wrestling (where weight will similarly affect your advantage). Children therefore have an equal opportunity to improve. Investing in some baseball gloves will inspire your child to practice at home and allows you to spend some quality bonding time with them. These are ten of the best youth baseball gloves of 2020 which offer a range of great quality items without breaking the bank.

Have an At-Home Dance Party!

This is brilliant for rainy days or evenings to tucker them out before bed. Playing some jolly music or the soundtrack to their favorite film is a sure-fire way to get them excited and want to move around. To make the setting extra fun and really engage your children, turn down the lights and set the furniture up in a safe manner where there is maximum space and a different atmosphere. You could even have a sing-along to your favorite tunes. Dancing is a brilliant creative outlet for restless energy which is such a pleasurable activity for both you and the kids. Maybe even record some of their best performances to send to loved ones, which will boost your children’s confidence and self-esteem, as well as giving you some adorable material to treasure as memories together.

Make an Obstacle Course

This is another fun activity you can do at home, or even in the garden! Placing some cushions and chairs in the way of a determined route for your kids to navigate is a really fun way to test their problem-solving skills. They will find the practice both exhilarating and rewarding, and you can change up the course several times to keep it fresh and fun. Add in some concepts like ‘the floor is lava’ or ‘the carpet is poison’ and this adds an imaginative aspect to the game which engages them creatively and makes the whole experience more thrilling.

Go for a Nature Walk

This is best for parents who don’t want to exert themselves too intensely in a physical manner, but love spending time with their kids. Nature walks are fascinating for young kids who want to learn about the world, as it offers them an opportunity to get up close with little critters and funny plants. Make sure to keep an eye on them around stinging nettles, or inform them about the small dangers of wildlife. 

Climbing on logs and running through grass is a lovely change of setting that provides fresh air and traditional exercise, which is a pleasure for both parent and child. Bring some grains to feed the ducks, or binoculars to watch some birds. A little backpack with items like these makes the experience more varied than a simple walk, and adds more exciting elements. We recommend bringing some water bottles and an extra jacket in case of bad weather. A few magnifying glasses to study a ladybug with are tiny, cheap items which will make your children feel like explorers.

Try Tennis

Tennis is a brilliant game for young kids as it helps develop balance, spatial awareness and provides a really fun competitive game which is easy to comprehend. Playing together or with their peers offers a great way to socialize and opportunities to both win and lose in a gracious and sportsmanlike manner – traits which will make them much more popular and well-esteemed in their futures. Physical strength, dexterity, flexibility and camaraderie are all qualities which will be improved through this sport. Another attractive element is that this is a no contact sport, which means less chance of rough play and accidental injury.

Try out these activities for a fun bonding opportunity for you with your children. These will help them develop social skills as well as physical, and provide fundamentals in learning and creative physical outlets. Sports are a really important aspect of a childhood, and provide a really good source of positive memories and experiences. This is a part of your child’s life you can really involve yourself in, whether through active participation or support and encouragement.

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