Why High Fiber Diets Are A Great Way To Lose Weight

woman with fiber vegetablesThere are many ways to lose weight, but ultimately, they all require a reduction in calories and a bit more exercise. Cutting calories can be hard, even painful at times, but with the right approach to your diet, you can actually eat fewer calories with little pain.

The key is fiber. Fiber not only promotes a healthy gut, it also helps us to lose weight and combat obesity. It is thought that fiber helps to promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria, which in turn helps the body extract more nutrients from food, resulting in fewer cravings.

Gunnar C Hansson from the University of Gothenburg explains that “diets that lack fibre alter the bacterial composition and bacterial metabolism, which in turn causes defects to the inner mucus layer, something that triggers inflammation and ultimately metabolic disease.”

Fiber also helps us to feel full without adding too many calories. Because some fibers cannot be digested, the food fills the stomach and curbs hunger, but does not send sugar into the body.

Fiber is also found in all those healthy foods – greens, pulses, beans and peas, vegetables, and fruits. One easy way to get more fiber is to aim to eat eight portions of fruits and vegetables every day. Following a low GI diet is another way to boost your fiber levels.

There are many other scientific ways to lose weight, but if you make one change this year, start eating more fiber.

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