The Natural Way Lose Weight

What is the natural way to lose weight? If you want to lose weight and get a flat stomach then it may best best for you to follow a natural diet.

What is meant by a natural diet though? A few years ago a natural diet was one that involved eating organic or locally grown foods. Some people have referred to raw food diets as being natural diets. The best definition of a natural diet is one that humans consumed before the development of farming. This is how the Paleolithic Diet came about.

During the late paleolithic and early neolithic (the stone ages) man developed agriculture. From this day onwards diets changed. Suddenly humans were able to cultivate energy dense foods such as grains and root vegetables and did not need to rely on hunting animals and gathering fruits and vegetables.

Of course, weight problems are still a relatively new phenomenon. Although there must have been cases of gluttony to make it one of the seven deadly sins, serious weight issues were a rare thing.

The Natural Diet of the Caveman

So a natural diet is really one that was consumed by humans prior to the development of agriculture. Various people have developed their own versions of the Cavemen Diet now.

The only rules really are that if humans could not have picked it or killed it 10,000 years ago then it cannot be eaten. Really these diets are mostly a low to medium GI diet which disallows all processed foods and grains.

Why Do Natural Diets Work?

Natural diets help you to lose weight simply because they are low in sugar and high in nutritious rich foods. By its nature if food is low in energy it is nutritious. Sugar is energy dense, meaning that a small amount of sugar provides a lot of energy (calories) but it does not carry an equal amount of nutrients. This is why when you eat sugar you still crave more food, you brain is telling you to nourish but the response is just more sugar.

A diet low in sugar is therefore lower in calories. Also, when a lot of sugar is consumed your metabolism changes from a fat burning metabolism (the most natural one) to a sugar burning metabolism. This means that rather than burning fat to lose weight, you burn off excess sugar first. If you are always filling up on sugar, you never give yourself time to burn off fat.

If you have been struggling with your weight and want to learn how to lose weight then following a natural diet is certainly recommended. Within a short time you will start burning fat again, and combined with a workout plan you will speed up your fat burning even faster.

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  1. Judy C Moore says:

    I eat a lot of candy and little debbie cakes, frosted flakes, fruit, yogurt and stuff like that.How should I handle that?

  2. MotleyHealth says:

    stop eating everything except the fruit.

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