Low carb beers to help you lose weight

a healthy glass of beerOK, in an ideal world we will all stop drinking beer to lose weight. But this is just not a workable solution. If you want to lose weight you need to reduce calories and cut sugar, but at the same time you need some pleasure in life, and for a lot of guys and gals, that pleasure comes from drinking beer.

Now we have mentioned that beer, when drunk sensibly, is actually a good post workout hydration drink, a few glasses does no harm. In fact over the years some studies have shown that people who have a beer a day live longer. Maybe the added exercise of walking to a bar helps?

Anyway, to help keep the pounds off this holiday season, here are some low cal beer options.

Low carb beers – low in sugar and calories

Low Sugar / Carb Beers

  • Coors Light – This is a nice beer that is becoming a popular choice, famous for using Pure Rocky Mountain Spring Water.
  • Corona Light – A slightly higher sugar level in this beer, but a tasty “cerveja” from Mexico.
  • Amstel Light – Higher sugar levels from the famous Dutch brewery that give this a fuller taste, but go easy still.

Super Low Sugar / Carb Beers

Sugar levels are around half of the ones listed above. Some people find that taste is sacrificed a little more though. Take your pick.

  • Miller Lite – Possibly the most popular at the moment, good old Miller Lite really is low in carbs.
  • Aspen Edge – This is another of the very low sugar / low carb beers. This is also brewed by Coors. Just under 100 calories per bottle too. Not a bad taste.
  • Rock Green Light – This beer is one of the lowest carb beers on the market from the Rolling Rock brewers.
  • Michelob Ultra – Ultra low sugar beer with a great taste.

Remember, although these beers are lower in sugar than many others, they still pack around 100 calories per bottle, so a few bottles a day and you will be consuming an additional 9000 calories in a month, and a big night could see you guzzling down 1000 calories in one session. So it is not zero calorie, just lower than the traditional brands.

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