How To Use Your Clean Bottle

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The Clean Bottle

I received my Clean Bottle today. Andrew at Clean Bottle contacted me to tell me about their product. Basically a Clean Bottle is a plastic bottle that is very easy to keep clean.

Here is what Andrew told me about Clean Bottle;

Clean Bottle is unique in that it is the first sports bottle that unscrews from both ends for easy cleaning and drying. It solves the common problem athletes have of mold and gunk getting at the bottom of their bottles.

With Clean Bottle, people no longer have to waste energy, time and money constantly replacing their bottles because they can’t be cleaned. Clean Bottle is 100% non-toxic, BPA free and we donate 10% of profits to charities that people can vote for on our website:

So you know longer need to spend hours soaking your water bottle in detergent and rinsing with disinfectant. It is now easy to keep your water bottle clean and healthy all the time.

It is one of those ideas that should have been thought of years ago. Well, the idea was thought of years ago, but it took 5 factories, 43 prototypes, 2 patent applications and 3 years of work before the idea was transformed into the product.

Clean Bottle For Cyclists

The idea for Clean Bottle was David Mayer’s, the founder of Clean Bottle. He came up with the idea one day after a long cycle when he went to fill his bottle only to find that there was a small colony of bacteria living inside it. Knowing that it would be impossible to clean the bottle properly, he discarded it and bought a new one. Later that day, the idea came to him – a bottle that could be easily cleaned! Clean Bottle was born.

It is ideal for cyclists who tend to spend long hours outside in the heat, which makes the bottles a perfect breeding ground for algae and other bacteria.

One Man, One Dream, Two Lids

The Clean Bottle first came to the attention of the cycling masses when founder David Mayer dressed up as a giant Clean Bottle to run alongside cyclists in competitions all over the World, including the Tour of California and the Tour de France.

Selling Like Hotcakes at the Tour de France

Our Top 10 Uses For The Clean Bottle

Of course, Clean Bottle is not just good for cyclists, they are ideal for many walks of life. Here are our top ten uses (as agreed by Team MotleyHealth).

1. Whey Protein Shake Bottle

As these are so easy to clean, it makes a great bottle for whey / protein shakes. You easily can put your protein powder in the bottle in the morning then put it away in your gym bag. After your workout at the gym you just need to find a water tap and fill up and shake. As the whole top of the bottle comes off it is very easy to drink too, being more like a cup than a bottle.

2. Gym Water Bottle

Why should cyclists get all the benefits? Everyone can use these, whether at the gym, at home or even for hikers and walkers.

3. Car Water Bottle

Water bottles left in cars are an even worse breeding ground for bacteria and algae than those on bikes. If you drive a lot then you need water in the car, as hydration is vital for concentration. Losing 1% of your body water can lead to a 10% reduction in concentration?

4. Light Hand Weights for Intensive Cardio Workouts

If you have 2 filled with water you have two 0.5kg weights that are comfortable to hold in each hand. Carry these while running or doing aerobics to give your arms a workout too.

5. Office Water Bottle

As mentioned, even a small amount of dehydration causes a rapid reduction in concentration. Many people keep water bottles on their desks at work, even though there are water coolers in the office. If you use plastic cups from the water cooler, you waste plastic. If you buy a new bottle of water every day, you waste your money and plastic. If you use a Clean Bottle, you get free water and a bottle that you can keep using.

6. Snack Container

One of the healthiest snacks for athletes is a handful of nuts. Half fill your bottle with cashews, then top up with almonds. Then, depending on mood, you can pick cashews or almonds. Cashews and almonds contain 20-25% protein, the rest healthy low GI carbohydrate with some healthy fats. Peanuts contain more fat, and more energy. Don’t eat a whole bottle worth in one day though, as you can pack a lot of calories in a Clean Bottle.

7. Baby Formula Milk Bottle

OK, not sure if David Mayer would like the read this, but as a father of 2 I have had some experience with providing a baby with formula milk while out and about. A Clean Bottle would provide a great storage bottle for the powder as well as a good shaker. Maybe they should expand into the rubber teat market too?

8. Any Drink You Like

Of course, you are not restricted to just water or protein shakes. As these are so easy to clean you can put in any liquid you like, so cooled green tea, sports hydration drinks, fruit juice, beer – anything you like.

9. Beach Water Bottle

Summer trips to the beach always result in sand getting inside everything. No more worries with the Clean Bottle. Surfers, swimmers and sun worshippers alike can benefit from one.

10. Clean Bottle For Cyclists

Of course, we must include our cycling friends who invented the Clean Bottle. Well done chaps!

Your Chance To Win An Official Clean Bottle

The other week we looked at the Clean Bottle, the easy to clean water bottle developed by cyclist David Mayer.

In our article we looked at some alternative uses for the Clean Bottle, such as using it to mix whey protein shakes and keeping dry snacks in.

We are lucky to have a few Clean Bottles to give away, so we thought that a competition would be a good idea. There are 2 parts to the competition as we have several Clean Bottles up for grabs. If you enter both parts you will increase your chances of winning a Clean Bottle.

Clean Bottle Competition Part 1

We invite you to suggest another inventive way of using the Clean Bottle to help you meet your fitness or weight loss goals. Send your suggestions through the contact form, and be sure to include your name and address in the suggestion.

Clean Bottle Competition Part 2

This is a more challenging part of the competition, but the best entries will have a much greater chance of winning a bottle.

For this we invite you to provide a written account of your current fitness or weight loss “plan”. Whether you are just trying to lose some weight or training for sports, a marathon or martial arts competition, provide and account of your training methods and diet plans, and explain why you have adopted this approach.

Provide as much information as possible and structure your account with a breakdown of workouts through the week and diet rules / meal plans etc. In addition to this, provide a final line on how you think that owning a Clean Bottle will aid your fitness or weight loss plan.

Results and Winners

We shall publish the best answers. The workout plans will be given their own new page on MotleyHealth, so only provide information that you wish to have made publicly available. If you are a gym instructor, coach or personal trainer then you may use this as an opportunity to promote your services in the final paragraph if you wish.

We are not setting a closing date, instead we will announce in the comments below when sufficient entries have been received. So get thinking and get writing for your chance to win your very own super cool Clean Bottle.

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  4 comments for “How To Use Your Clean Bottle

  1. MotleyHealth
    March 16, 2011 at 1:30 pm

    We have just launched a Clean Bottle competition with several prizes up for grabs.

  2. Big B
    July 7, 2011 at 1:43 am

    Hello I’m 6’5 315lbs. And I’m trying to get. In runners shape for the sheriffs departent. Need to burn body fat as well. I need to be @ 22% body fat. I’m at like 28. Please help. Need to learn how to breathe and run

  3. MotleyHealth
    July 7, 2011 at 1:50 am

    Hi Big B. Make sure from now on your only eat a healthy diet and only drink water. Cut out all drinks that are not water (OK, milk on cereal is allowed, although really only oats for cereal). And exercise daily, or twice daily. Little and often of that is the only option. How far can you job at the moment? Whatever the distance, do walking / jogging intervals and go a little further for a little longer each day.

  4. bob
    June 2, 2012 at 8:05 am

    One big thing they forget to mention is that it is much easier and convenient to flip it over and screw off the bottom to get big gulps out of it.

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