Health Benefits of Chili Peppers

Most people have tried chili peppers at some point, but whether you like (or can handle them) is another story. But did you know chili peppers have an impressive amount of medicinal properties? Read on to learn more about the health benefits of eating chili peppers.

What Are Chili Peppers?

Chili peppers are the fruit of the plant Capsicum annum, known for their hot and spicy taste. They are members of the nightshade family and are related to tomatoes and potatoes. They are primarily used as a spice and can be used fresh, cooked, dried or powdered. There are countless different kinds of chili peppers around the world, which is a testament to their popularity.

Capsaicin is the main bioactive plant compound in chili peppers and is responsible for their characteristic strong and pungent taste and many of the reported health benefits.

Chili Peppers Can Boost Your Metabolism

Perhaps the best known and most powerful benefit of chili peppers is their ability to promote gut health and help you to lose weight. Contrary to popular belief, chili peppers actually serve as an anti-irritant in the stomach, meaning they are good to treat stomach ulcers.

Chili peppers can boost your metabolism, helping you improve the rate at which your body burns fat. It can also help you curb cravings. It is generally thought that including chili peppers, alongside a healthy diet and exercise, can help you lose weight.

Chili Peppers Are Rich in Antioxidants

Powdered chili peppers especially are rich in antioxidants and other compounds useful in fighting digestive discomforts, such as intestinal gas, upset stomach, diarrhea and other unpleasant ailments. For more tips on healthy living, visit

Helps Treat Migraines

Studies have shown that the capsaicin from chili peppers is effective in the treatment of migraines. Capsaicin is known to bind with pain receptors, which are th nerve endings that sense pain.

May Reduce Cancer Risk

Chili peppers also present a potential natural remedy against the growth of cancer. A study has shown that the capsaicin and antioxidants in chili peppers can inhibit the growth of cancer cells in leukemia and prostate cancer patients.

Fights Colds, Flu and Fungal Infections

The beta carotene and antioxidants in chili peppers aid your immune system. This can help you better fight off colds, flu and other viruses. Nasal sprays containing capsaicin can reduce congestion. The increase in body temperature triggered by the hot peppers kicks the immune system into response, helping you to fight off viruses.

The Final Word

Chili peppers are a popular spice all around the world that is also known to have beneficial medicinal properties. The hot and pungent flavor of chili peppers has made them a popular addition to many dishes. They are loaded with vitamins, minerals and various useful plant compounds. Capsaicin is the effective compound found in chili peppers responsible for many of its beneficial applications.

Chili peppers, contrary to popular belief, can be useful in the treatment of various digestive ailments, can help boost metabolic function and help with weight loss. They can also help treat those suffering from migraines, reduce cancer risk and boost immunity.

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