Fast Weight Loss With Jon Benson – Caveman Diet and HIT

Jon Benson is a personal fitness trainer. He developed a diet plan and a weight training system to help you lose weight and get strong. The two systems are complete solutions in there own right, but if you combine the two you can make excellent progress with losing weight and building muscle. The weight loss plan is the Every Other Day Diet and the weight training system is 7 Minute Muscle.

Arthur Jones and the Caveman

Arthur Jones is one of the bodybuilders that popularized the High Intensity Training method back in the 1970’s. The main principal behind high intensity training is that by lifting heavier weights fewer times you shock your body into accelerated muscle growth. There are three main benefits of high intensity training – reduce time exercising, reduce risk of injury, faster recovery time.

The 7 Minute Muscle strength training method takes the HIT system to the extreme. You are taught how to lift weights for just 7 minutes a day for 5 days a week (or 14 minutes 3 times a week) to get excellent muscle growth and development.

Traditional bodybuilding training requires many repetitions to be completed for each exercise. This is because muscle tissue responds differently under different conditions. More reps leads to bigger muscles, few reps with a greater weight leads to stronger but smaller muscle tissue. This is why athletes remain smaller even though they do a lot of weight lifting.

The Caveman Diet is a weight loss diet plan that has become very popular in the last few years. It teaches you how to eat in a more natural way. Prior to the agricultural revolution humans mostly ate raw fruits and vegetables and lean meats. This provided a very nutritious and lean diet. Agriculture has lead to us eating a diet that is far more energy dense and nutrient deficient. The Every Other Day Diet helps you to reverse this by teaching you to eat in a way that our ancestors ate. The focus is on more sporadic eating, with limited calories some days and more on others.

Some parts of the Every Other Day Diet are not so healthy though, as it encourages you to eat whatever you like on the eating days. This does result in some people eating junk food on their off days, so this is not strictly in keeping with the Caveman Diet, but it is still very effectively in helping you to manage your weight.

By combining these two systems you can lose fat while gaining muscle. On your weight training days you eat more carbohydrates and proteins and on the diet days you restrict calories so that you burn more fat.

More research is being completed that shows that this form of dieting provides a good way to lose weight and also improve health.

Really the best name for this type of dieting is possible a Hunter-Gatherer diet. It was during the Stone Age that humans started to farm and produce grains, so a diet that avoids grains cannot really be called a stone age diet.

Humans were generally hunter-gatherers prior to the stone age, moving around as the seasons progressed to follow animals and gather seasonal foods. However, regardless of the name given to this diet plan, it is not only effective at managing weight but may also help to improve health.

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