Does A High Fat Diet Make You Fat?

high fat foodIf you want a simple answer, it’s no. If you want a more interesting answer, stick around. A high-fat diet does the opposite of what we might think as a society. No, fat consumption doesn’t make you fat. Too much of anything can make you fat, but fat is our body’s main source of fuel anyway. So eating more of our fuel is not necessarily going to make us obese. Too many carbs however can have that effect. They are complex to break down and they often get stored as fat that is not easy to convert into readily available energy. As you eat fat, your body becomes used to burning fat as its main source of energy, which has surprising results.

Carbs are Complex

Our bodies have evolved to rely on carbs as our main source of energy. The surge of sugar in carbs brings to life a hormone called insulin. It will force the body to store energy as fat and it can also do this in the bloodstream. So you could have little fat cells swimming around in your blood, ready to go to muscles when you need to exert energy like running suddenly or lifting something heavy. However, this also results in a surge-crash as your body tries to bring the levels of available energy back down to a resting state. Your body then craves more energy because of the crash and hence, you eat more. This happens regularly in the day which is why so many snacks are full of carbs.

Fats are Reliable

Fats do not have these issues in our bodies. They do not trigger any hormones that react negatively in our complex system, and we don’t get a surge of insulin. Fats are more reliable in their ability to be absorbed consistently throughout the day. You can find the healthy fats that we need i.e. monounsaturated fats, in things like olives, avocados, peanuts and eggs. Fats also help to prevent inflammation in the body, and bad cholesterol. You can also eat polyunsaturated fats such as walnuts, fish like salmon and sea bass, as well as sunflower seeds. These fats do not cause an imbalance, they give your brain the fuel it needs and they allow your body to begin to burn fat as it’s main source of fuel.

Need Help?

Some people cannot deal with a high-fat diet. Firstly, fats don’t usually have a variety of flavors, they are also easy to overconsume. 1 gram of fat has 9 calories. So if you eat 50g of fat, you have 450 calories. That could be something as simple as a bag of peanuts for lunch and you are nearing one-quarter of your daily calorie limit. Consider the advice and services of weight loss professionals such as who know how to help people that have never gone on a diet and or need surgery to help them eat less.

A high fat diet is actually proven to be better than consuming a lot of carbs. It’s more balanced for our bodies and we tend to eat less of it when we are hungry.

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