Doctor’s Told To Improve Nutrition Knowledge

Smiling doctorDr Penny Neild, a gastroenterologist who works at London’s St George’s Hospital, has spoken out about the poor state of nutrition training in the medical community.

It is argued that many health problems can be avoided if people are advised by medical professionals, namely family doctors, about the need for proper nutrition.  It is estimated that up to 25% of people are malnourished to some extent, that is to say, they are lacking in some of the essential nutrients required to maintain a healthy body.

Junior doctors do now cover nutrition as part of their first year of study. However, further training does not continue throughout medical school unless students opt to specialize in nutrition. There are no refresher courses for doctors before they become general practitioners.

However, the General Medical Council do say that there is sufficient nutrition training in medical school and doctors should have the required knowledge to ensure that patients are given proper advice regarding eating a well balanced diet.

Dr. Neild published her concerns in the medical journal Frontline Gastroenterology. Frontline Gastroenterology gives health professionals the information they need to provide the most effective and efficient care for their patients.

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Dr. Neild’s particular clinical interests lie in functional bowel disorders and nutritional problems and she is closely involved in several influential national bodies:

  • Royal College of Physicians Nutrition Committee
  • Intercollegiate Group on Nutrition
  • British Society of Gastroenterology Small Bowel and Nutrition Committee
  • British Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (BAPEN) – Honorary Secretary 2004-7

3 Comments on “Doctor’s Told To Improve Nutrition Knowledge”

  1. I am a consultant gastroenterologist at University College London Hospitals (UCLH) where I have been director of endoscopy for 6 years, leading a world renowned unit & also the largest Barrett’s oesophagus centre in the UK. I work privately in Harley Street, The Lister Hospital Chelsea, The London Clinic and Princess Grace Hospitals where I founded a team of gastroenterologist and surgeons, The London Gastrointestinal Associates. Before I moved to UCLH I was Director of Endoscopy at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital. I am also a Senior Lecturer at The National Medical Laser Centre, University College London (UCL).

  2. Obviously FODMAP diet can definitely improve the health of patients with irritable bowel syndrome.Scientist have proved that eating spinach can reduce the risk of bowel cancer. Even one can consult with the Private Gastroenterologist consultant. The doctors advises the people to have proper nutrition to stay away from health problems. Even the junior doctors under training period should also be given the nutrition lessons.

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