Dean Ornish Talks About Our Killer Diet

Evolution of Man by Dean Ornish
Evolution of Man – Dean Ornish

This short TED talk from February 2006 discusses the role of diet an health. Obesity is not just about the way you look, it has serious health problems. Dr. Dean Ornish, author of Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease, which gave rise to the idea of the Ornish Diet, briefly discusses some of the many problems associated with the Western diet, and how the problems are spreading around the world. Here he describes our current condition as pitiful and preventable.

This talk is only 3 minutes long but packs a lot of information in. Dean Ornish reminds us that heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure are all completely preventable for 95% of us.

We have the medicine to live longer than ever, but we are literally eating our way to an early grave.  So, it really is important that you make every effort to lose weight. It is not just to look good or to fit in those old jeans – do it for your health.

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