Are Chocolate Easter Eggs Healthy?

Chocolate Easter EggIn 2010 German health scientists declared that chocolate is actually good for us, which means that chocolate Easter Eggs are not as unhealthy as many people think. Although chocolate is very high in calories, due to all the sugar and fat, it does have some health benefits.

A study published in the European Heart Journal showed that people who consumed a moderate amount of chocolate each week had lower than average blood pressure. This lower blood pressure also meant that chocolate lovers had reduced risk of heart attack and stroke.

“Researchers in Germany followed 19,357 people, aged between 35 and 65, for at least ten years and found that those who ate the most amount of chocolate – an average of 7.5 grams a day – had lower blood pressure and a 39% lower risk of having a heart attack or stroke compared to those who ate the least amount of chocolate – an average of 1.7 grams a day. The difference between the two groups amounts to six grams of chocolate: the equivalent of less than one small square of a 100g bar.” Source:

However, to remain healthy and eat chocolate you must consume a small amount which should not result in a net increase in calories each week. You need to compensate the additional calories in chocolate by reducing consumption of other sugary and fatty foods, and also by increasing your activity levels.

Although more research needs to be carried out, the researchers believe that flavanols in cocoa may be the reason why chocolate seems to be good for people’s blood pressure and heart health; and since there is more cocoa in dark chocolate, dark chocolate may have a greater effect.

How Many Calories in an Easter Egg?

Asking how many calories there are in a chocolate Easter egg is a bit like asking how long is a piece of string. It really depends on the size of the egg! Of course, we can look at the energy levels of a selection of popular Easter brands to get an idea, plus also the calories per gram of chocolate.

  • Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate = 520 kcal / 100 g
  • Cadbury’s Creme Egg = 180 kcal per egg
  • Cadbury’s Caramel Egg = 195 kcal per egg
  • Cadbury’s Mini Egg = 200 kcal / 40 g (12 eggs is about 40g)
  • Cadbury’s Buttons Easter Egg 162 g = 860 kcal
  • Terry’s Chocolate Orange Easter Egg = 636 kcal
  • Green & Black’s Dark Chocolate Easter Egg (70%) 180g = 990 kcal
  • Kinder Surprise Egg (20 g) = 113 kcal
  • Lindt Chocolate Mini Eggs (5 g each) = 30 kcal
  • Cadbury’s Mini Eggs (3.3 g each) = 16 kcal
  • Hollow Hershey chocolate egg (114 g) = 600 kcal
  • R.M. Palmer’s Double Crisp hollow egg (282 g) = 1440 kcal
  • R.M. Palmer’s Bunny Big Ears (35 g) = 180 kcal

A final word of warning – the study showed that all that is required is one small square of chocolate each week. Eating more than this, and an average sized Easter Egg contains a lot more, will result in increased weight and associated problems for most people, so go easy on those “healthy” chocolate Easter eggs!

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