Can CBD Promote Weight Loss?

cbd and plant to help weight loss

CBD is a hot topic at the moment and those who extol its virtues believe that it offers a host of well-being benefits. But could CBD oil help to boost weight loss in those who are struggling to shed those excess pounds? Most people associate cannabis with “the munchies”, so it seems hard to believe it might actually help you to lose weight, so read on to discover what researchers have unearthed so far.

Losing weight has never been easy. There seems to be an endless supply of fad diets that range from simply being hard to follow to being actually harmful to your health. So, it’s no wonder that so many dieters are keen to find an easy way to facilitate their weight loss goals. Could broad spectrum CBD oil be the answer that they’ve been looking for?

Healthy Fats And CBD Oil

The key thing to remember is that CBD shouldn’t be mistaken for an effective weight-loss solution. If you’re wondering whether you can take CBD and forgo the gym or carry on eating burgers and fries every day and still lose weight, you’ll be sorely disappointed. CBD may be a healthy vehicle to help you to lose weight, but only if you choose a healthy lifestyle. You won’t be able to shed pounds solely by adding CBD oil into your diet.

That said, a 2011 study showed that lab rats showed a decrease in their weight gain after receiving CBD injections over fourteen consecutive days. So, this suggests that, at least in theory, it may be possible that CBD can alter weight gain in the human body.

Why do people think that CBD oil may promote weight loss? Here, we take a look at some of the facts and myths so you can be better informed about the potential benefits.

Does CBD Suppress Appetite?

There are almost no scientific studies to date that report explicitly on CBD and its impact on weight loss. While there is some government literature that reports a reduction in appetite as one of the side effects associated with taking CBD, this is far from proof that CBD oil derived from hemp can boost weight loss.

Does CBD Activate Fat Browning?

One study has shown that CBD can encourage the storage of brown fat in fatty white tissues. It also appears CBD also potentially supports the breakdown of lipids and fat in the body while also initiating a process known as thermogenesis, during which food metabolizes more rapidly thanks to increased temperature.

Adding CBD Oil Into Your Everyday Diet

Although there is no proof that CBD oil can make you shed weight more rapidly, it may be beneficial for overall health and wellness when added into your daily diet. If your intention is to lose weight, though, you will need to use it alongside regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Should I Try CBD Oil To Help Me Lose Weight?

CBD oil is the latest big thing in the health and wellness industry. Many users believe that it is helping them to live healthier lives, so it’s not too surprising that it has been suggested that it could promote weight loss too. It appears that CBD oil may help with weight loss if it is combined with exercise and eating healthy foods, and it may also offer a number of other overall well-being benefits that make it a worthwhile addition to your lifestyle.

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