8 foods worse than white bread

a bagelWe know that eating white bread is bad, the sugar in the bread is digested quickly and literally goes straight to our hips! However, this week Shape Magazine have published Carbs Without Cause: 8 Foods Worse than White Bread. This provides a pretty good list of foods to avoid if you are trying to lose weight and tone up.

1. Fancy Coffee

Avoid drinking those fancy coffee drinks. They contain so much milk and sugar that you spoil any chance of losing weight. Large Lattees are almost a pint of full fat milk and some “coffees” are then covered in cream and sweet sauces.

2. Bagels

Bagels are just very dense bread rolls. It is like taking a whole loaf of bread and squashing it down to a few slices. Mega calorie overload. Do not eat them! Breakfast bagels are a popular choice in many cities, full of calories and provide all the wrong nutrition.

3. Juices and Smoothies

Yes, they are healthy. But that does not mean that consuming the equivalent of 20 bananas in one giant cup is a good thing. Too much juice means too many calories. Simple. Eat fresh fruit and drink water.

4. Cheese Crackers

Yes, those simple, “light” biscuits are still bad for you. If you are going to divulge in a biscuit you may as well get a tasty one. All processed flour and processed cheese, most are full of chemicals and many have corn syrup too, just to add to the calorie count!

5. Baked Goods at Coffee Shops

OK, so you decide to drink a sensible coffee (coffee with milk, no sugar, just like you have it at home) but then grab some of those bakes, cookies, brownies, fruit bread slices – yes, they are all bad, all full of fat and sugar. Nothing healthy there. Stop ordering it!

6. Yogurt with Fruit on the Bottom

It may seem an healthy idea, adding bits of fruit. But what sort of fruit? Freshly picked berries? No, it is fruit in a fruity sauce, which is really laden with sugar. Have a nice natural greek yoghurt instead.

7. Movie Theater Popcorn

Going to the movies? OK, but do not order a bucket of popcorn. There is enough energy in a large serving of pop corn to keep you going for about a day (around 1200 Calories). All of this is quickly digested carbs, all goes to your hips!

8. Yogurt-Covered Raisins

Same really applies to chocolate covered raisins. Another faddish snack. Take a healthyish food item and cover it in gunk then increase the price by 10. If you like these sweet treats, eat some dark chocolate instead. This yogurt coating just adds calories and really is not giving good nutrition.

So, there you go. Another great article from the team at Shape. In fact, written by Elizabeth Goodman Artis, who is editor of Prevention magazine.

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