1 in 6 Men are on a Diet Without Knowing It!

An interesting piece of news appeared today. 1 in 6 women secretly put their partners on a “diet” in an attempt to help the lose weight. These diets often involve small tricks like cutting the fat off meat before serving or giving fewer chips or smaller glasses of beer.

Unfortunately the attempts are often destined to fail as the women making these small changes do not understand nutrition and diet enough to make a meaningful difference. Eating a little less often makes no difference to weight gain (or attempted weight loss) as metabolism slows down to compensate a reduction in energy consumed.

Women have been told now that they need to get their partner to eat different foods, cut out all the sugar, bread and beer completely and get them much more active if they really want them to lose weight. Trimming the fat off the steak just does not help enough.

Women: If you want to put your man on a diet without him noticing, change to a low Gi diet plan. The food is healthy and plenty of meat is allowed.

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