Credits and Acknowledgements

Motley Health would not be where it is today without the generous advice and suggestions regarding design and layout, site structure, content and themes. Therefore we would like the thank the following:

A big thanks to Marcia Wade for acting as chief editor, translator, office manager and accountant, plus all her support over the years in making this site happen!

Richard Martin for sharing his extensive computing knowledge, including PHP, HTML, server configuration, as well as sharing his ideas regarding the site design and layout, and helping with the initial development.

A big thank you to everyone involved in the open source CMS community that have allowed this site to grow and develop without the requirement for an in-house web developer.

Dave Chaplin, CEO of Contractor Calculator, for his helpful advice on web usability, marketing, correct HTML coding and all that jazz.

Cal Green, an excellent artist who provided many great design and layout tips (the centred logo and black headings were all her doing, plus many other bits!)

Many thanks to Ferg at Creative Hat in Norwich for designing our fantastic logo.

Many other people have helped over the years and I cannot thank them all personally, so consider this a personal thank you!

Many thanks to all those that have contributed material to the site, and continue to do so, and especially to those that share their health and fitness trials and tribulations with us in the community section.

Motley Health is looking forward to future collaborations to help us achieve our goal of becoming a leading health and fitness resource on the Internet.

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