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There is a new fitness craze spreading through the celebrity ranks in America a fusion of martial arts, yoga and meditation called Budokon. The celebs that have started training in the Budokon way include Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Chris Tucker and Amber Valletta.

Budokon is a physically challenging fitness regime with aspects of yoga and meditation. Budokon is designed to “create balance and permanent change in the entire system,” according to Cameron Shayne, the founder of the system. Budokon is influenced by the Japanese martial arts – the name budokon can be translated as “the way of the spiritual warrior” – bu (warrior) – do (way) – kon (spirit).

Intro to Budokon From Celebrity Fitness Trainer Cameron Shayne

Budokan is very intensive – it is not uncommon for people to burn up to 900 calories in a session, which is 50% more than a spinning session. And unlike spinning classes, Budokan is dynamic, exciting and far more socialable, like many other martial arts.

Every class involves three disciplines: meditation, martial arts and yoga. The order varies depending on the day, as Ryan believes in working with the mood of the class. This is actually how all good martial arts instructors teach. A class can be planned, but the students’ needs can change from week to week, and a flexible teacher makes a more engaging class. It is inspired by the centuries-old training systems of Buddhist monks and it offers an emotional, physical and spiritual work out. Really Budokon has a very similar philosophy to Tai Chi Chuan and Bagua.

Budokon has not only impressed celebrities, but also professional athletes, including Kerri Walsh, who won an Olympic gold in women’s beach volleyball.

A Budokon warm up is again similar to a martial arts warm up – the joints are loosened and stretched – this helps prevent injury. Then a series of yoga postures, often incorporating elements of the sun salutation routine, are done to help warm the body up.

Budokon has gradings, like many other martial arts, so students can progress. The main thing that makes martial arts such a good way to get fit is that the grading system keeps students motivated and competitive. Healthy competition is essential to avoid becoming bored with a fitness regime.

Budokon has recently started to become more popular in the UK, and Cameron Shayne is aiming for it to become a leading fitness regime in the Britain. “I’d like to see British cities becoming thriving hubs for Budokon. My sense is a lot of people in the UK are like: get up, go to work, go to pub, go home, then get up and do it all again. There’s so much more to life.”

The is certainly very true if many British people. The big question is, is Budokon differnt enough from the plethora of martial arts, yoga styles, Pilates and Jazzercide, Boxercise and military bootcamp training that is already available?

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  1. Kelley Crespo says:

    I think Jennifer Aniston is the best. Her character Rachel Green was so well played that I loved her even when she was a selfish young girl. She’s gorgeous in any outfit, even the most ridiculous ones.

  2. Patrice Casseus says:

    I’m triying it now I hope its work I’m 200 over I need more help and fast

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