Vicky Pattison’s Three Stone Weight Loss

Vicky Pattison before and after photos..
Vicky Pattison before and after photos..

Vicky Pattison (from MTV series Geordie Shore) has revealed that she exercises for only 10 minutes a day – but does it every day of the week.

She lost over three stone with the short and intensive workouts, dropping five dress sizes.

“People might wonder how ten minutes a day can do anything – but believe me when you do it you’ll find out why, because it’s quite tough, but it really does work. I was dropping a pound a day when I started it.”

Vicky Pattison’s Diet

The diet is simple really, “plenty of veg” and avoiding all junk food. She used to enjoy kebabs and drink a lot of alcohol. Now she eats fresh vegetables and some fruits, and cooks calorie controlled meals. Rather than cutting out specific foods she says that she is just more sensible when it comes to eating.

One big change is stopping convenience foods such as pre-packed sandwiches. She has also swapped white potatoes for sweet potatoes. She has also stopped eating white bread.

Internet bullying

Vicky took action after Internet users heavily criticised her appearance after photos were displayed of her on a beach in a bikini.

She said: “I sat at my computer and bawled my eyes out at some of the comments. But then I got mad and I thought I’m going to show them”

While such comments are nasty the end result is thankfully positive – she decided to start living a healthier life and is now happier and healthier than ever before.

Vicky’s 7 Day Slim

VickyGShore's profile photo
VickyGShore’s Twitter profile photo

Her fitness routines are shared in her workout DVD, Vicky’s 7 Day Slim. Obviously the plan needs to be followed for more than seven days – it is similar to our own 7 Day Exercise Plan for Fitness and Weight Loss in this respect.

While on the diet / workout plan Vicky lost up to five pounds in a week. The workout plan was developed by a team of fitness professionals:

  • Chris Kirk – an athelete and long-jumper
  • David Souter – a fat loss expert and fitness trainer who specialises in Bootcamp style workouts
  • Robbie Thompson – a personal trainer from

The DVD introduces several workouts that are designed to be fun and effective. The “fun animal moves” exercises work the whole body and are similar to exercise performed in martial arts, bootcamp and Crossfit clubs. Two of the animals are the Gorilla and Sea-Turtle.

The DVD also has six of 10 minute workouts that are designed to give an intensive cardio and bodyweight exercise blast to help burn fat and increase cardiovascular fitness.

Note: while the workouts are 10 minutes long you should still warm up beforehand, and also cool down and stretch afterwards. So the whole workout will still take 20-30 minutes, depending on how long you warm-up and stretch for.

Three of the workouts

Workout 1

This is a great workout which introduces the gorilla movement. If you have done Crossfit or martial arts you will be familiar. Exercises are:

Lunges, gorillas, squat jumps, hip lifts, walk in /out of plank, climbers, sprints, triceps dips, the plank.

Workout 2

This workout has more gorillas, then sprints, lunges, ice skaters, walk in/out of plank, side squats, shuffle lunges, triceps dips, plank, side shuffles, hip lift with a twist.

Workout 3

This workout has lots of martial arts inspiration, with upright punches, punching in lunge position, hip walk (hip lift but moving feet in and out), squat punches, sea turtles (lie on your front and perform a jumping jack movement), squat thrusts (single/single/double), dead lifts, speed crunches (elbow to knee).

These workouts are intensive and will bring good results. Some are similar to our 20 minute home workout, and others have similarities with parts of Crossfit training and bootcamp / military fitness. All great exercises that give results and help you to lose fat and get stronger too.

Vicky has been posted some updates on her Twitter page @VickyGShore.

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