TOWIE’s Kate Wright and Chloe Lewis Park Weight Workouts

TOWIE’s Kate Wright and Chloe Lewis Park Weight were recently seen working out in an Essex park. Making the most of the glorious sunshine, the two TOWIE celebs decided to avoid the sweaty gym and instead take their dumbbells and medicine ball to a public park. The tabloid press focused on their leggings and low necklines, but we were more interested in their workouts.

They performed a series of weight training exercises, with deep squats, medicine ball squats, dumbbell rows, curls, overhead presses and lateral raises. They kept the workout brief and cooled down with a series of stretches.

The Daily Mail reported their workout, and said in the article: “The pair hardly look as though they need to work out, both donning sports bras and leggings exposing their toned midriffs.” Well, as we all know – if you want to look that good you have to work out on a regular basis, and you cannot let a nice sunny day stop you either!

Photo sources: Daily Mail.