Tamzin Outhwaite Swims Herself To A Size 10

Tamzin Outhwaite Before and After Photos - 6 Weeks of Training With Speedo.co.uk
Tamzin Outhwaite Before and After Photos – 6 Weeks of Training With Speedo.co.uk

Tamzin Outhwaite recently talked to New about how she dropped from a UK size 12 down to a size 10 (US size 8 to size 6) after completing a 6 week Speedo swimming course.

Tamzin Outhwaite is a British actress who is most famous for her role in the popular soap opera, EastEnders, before having some movie success in Radio Cape Cod, and also Great Expectations. She is also a stage actress, but has recently landed a role in television series New Tricks.

After her daughter Marnie Mae was born she gained around 7 pounds and decided that she needed to take action to lose her baby weight. To get in shape she made 3 major changes to her lifestyle:

  1. Improved diet – no junk, no high GI carbs
  2. More walking – up to 3 hours a day
  3. Swimming workouts

She enrolled the help of former Olympic swimmer Karen Pickering and Speedo 6 week Swimming Training.

Her Diet

The major changes to her diet saw a reduction in bread, pasta and rice. These staples were swapped for lentils, quinoa and pulses. These provide a more nutritious source of energy which is digested slowly.


Tamzin admits that she really does not like to go to the gym. But she does enjoy walking, and she decided to walk to and from the theatre where she was working. The walk took 90 minutes walk each way, so she walked for 3 hours every day from the end of December 2012 to the middle of January 2013. Three hours of walking can burn up to 900 extra Calories every day. However, she really started to lose weight when she took up swimming.

Swim Fit programme

She followed a swim training plan that involved swimming for 45 minutes 3 times a week. She swam with a personal trainer telling her exactly what to do, which meant that she worked harder.

This not only burns more calories, but gets you fitter quicker and makes weight loss easier over the medium to long-term. Her swimming sessions are early in the morning after taking her eldest daughter to school.

“the programme incorporated aerobic fitness drills and techniques using Speedo Power Paddles and Hydro Discs to build-up Tamzin’s fitness levels and stamina. To help create tone and muscle definition” ~ Karen Pickering.

Rather than just performing a series of basic strokes for 45 minutes, the training varied intensity and ensured that all the muscles were worked hard.

“Swimming offers a full-body workout, whilst also giving me a lovely bit of ‘me time’. I’m so happy with the results; I’ve found something that I love doing and I feel great afterwards.” ~ Tamzin Outhwaite

Swimming can be relaxing and also intensive. The time spent in the pool can be very tranquil, when you are not doing front crawl at a sprint!

Yoga and Jogging

She also does one Bikram yoga session each week and occasionally goes running with her partner, Tom Ellis, but admits that she is not a keen runner. She once dragged Tom along to a yoga class, and he disliked that (Tom much prefers to use the gym to stay in shape).

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