Streetdance Movie – Nichola Burley, Diversity, Flawless and George Sampson

Streetdance (3D) is a British dance movie that features the real street dance troupes Diversity and Flawless, plus George Sampson, winner of the 2008 Britain’s Got Talent, and other talented dancers and actors such as Nichola Burley, Rachel McDowall and Charlotte Rampling. Diversity and Flawless both also shot to fame in the 2009 Britain’s Got Talent, Diversity winning the competition.

The film is about how Nichola Burley’s character, Carly, has to lead her dance troupe after splitting with her boyfriend Jay. Jay decides to join the rival street dance troupe just before the national championships, resulting in a major showdown between the two groups.

Carly has nowhere to train but receive help from an unlikely quarter, from Charlotte Rampling’s ballet school. Charlotte Rampling plays the ballet teacher Helena who agrees to allow Carly’s dance group to train so long as she allows some of her ballet dancers to join in. Street dance meets ballet.

Street Dance Workouts

The best way to train for street dance is to do street dance. Although complimentary weight training is also required to build strength, most of the fitness comes from dance. In this video Dan Little introduces some street dance moves which are great for getting fit as well as teaching you to dance. This 5 minute routine will certainly get your heart beating and your feet moving.

Ballet Dance Workouts

Ballet is considered a more gentle form of dance, but excellent strength and conditioning is required. Ballet dancers are extremely athletic. Traditional ballet workouts are extremely hard but very effective. Here is some more advice on baller conditioning and fitness.

Where Did Nicola Burley Learn To Dance?

Nicola learned to dance at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance (on Chapeltown Road) in Leeds. She was also a member of the Phoenix Dance Academy in Leeds where she received a scholarship to study at the Royal Ballet.

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