Sienna Miller Fitness Workouts and Diet

Sienna Miller, the actress most famous for her role in Stardust, was in London training to improve her physique in readiness for her part as The Baroness, head of COBRA Intelligence Operations, in the new film GI Joe.

Prior to her professional acting career, Miller worked as a photographic model, and featured on the covers of Vogue and Vanity Fair. In one controversial publication of Vanity Fair Sienna Miller posed topless while smoking a cigarette.

Sienna Miller is most famous for her party lifestyle, but has started an intensive four month fitness and weight training program to build muscle and tone up to play a muscle-bound soldier. Sienna Miller has been called a “size zero” actress, so beefing up will take a lot of hard work and determination.

Sienna Miller Gained 5 Pounds of Muscle

It was reported today that Sienna Miller has already put on five pounds (2.5kg) of muscle, and her biceps are already showing good improvement. She is receiving professional training from a former MI6 agent. Her training schedule includes an hour of boxing everyday with a boxing instructor.

In addition to Sienna Miller’s boxing workouts, she is also following an intensive weight training program, with emphasis on legs, arms and shoulders, to build core strength and develop the physique similar to a real female soldier.

Focus is likely to be on squats to build and strengthen the thighs and glutes, and other free weight compound exercises such as rows, lateral pull downs and bench presses to build core strength.

Sienna Miller is reported to be somewhat alarmed at the speed at which she started growing muscle after the training began, she now loves her chest as her breasts are getting larger as a result of working on the chest machines. Her boyfriend Rhys Ifans has said that he loves her new athletic figure too.

Sienna Miller Diet

Sienna has never really shared any of her diets, in fact, she has joked that she eats pies and cakes, and all the burgers she wants! But a caterer on the set of Australia revealed that she often requested egg whites and green salads – this is lean protein and nutritious fiber, an ideal combo if you want to stay very slim and maintain healthy muscle.

If you wish to follow in her footsteps, check out our boxing workouts and beginners weight training articles. Find more information on IMDB’s GI Joe page.

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