Selena Gomez – How Does She Stay In Shape?

Selena Gomez Since Selena Gomez hooked up with Justin Bieber all eyes are suddenly on her, and women of all ages are asking, how does she stay so slim and fit? There has been a lot of mixed reports about her in the press in recent months, with news that she is malnourished and possibly under-eating just to stay thin.

The Texan born singer-actress has admitted on a radio talk show that her eating habits have been bad and that she eats a lot of junk food and nothing much that is nutritious. This led her to becoming ill and being hospitalised, most likely as a result of complete fatigue caused by poor diet.

Lots of Vitamins and Healthy Fresh Food

Her diet now consists of a lot of greens, cheese and fruits. She is now following a healthy and balanced diet with the help of her mother.

She is also being careful to get more protein which is vital for maintaining organ health as well as muscle health. She is eating egg omelettes for breakfast and chicken salads for lunch, along with pasta dishes to increase energy.

Her diet is still not completely orthodox though. One Twitter update (14 March 2011) simply stated “I love fried pickles“.

Selena Gomez’s Gym Workouts

Selena attributes much of her physical appearance to her age. She is not a great fan of exercising, but as her diet does not see her overeating it means that she does not gain a lot of weight. A combination of the the stresses of her job and a hectic schedule mean that she does not eat much and also burns a lot of calories off.

She does go to the gym for cardio workouts to help increase her strength. She is very fortunate to not need to exercise hard to burn off excess weight, but, her diet has left her malnourished in the past. One of the most important benefits of exercise is that it allows you to consume more calories which means it is easier to get a balanced diet.

So exercise for Selena is running, cycling and cross trainer workouts, plus dance workouts and aerobics. She has no desire to put on additional muscle so there is no weight training and bodyweight training is kept to a minimum too.

Really, if you want to get a body like Selena you need to learn how to eat a healthy diet but to limit calories. To have a slim and healthy body you really just need to do this, along with a little exercise.

Bear in mind that Selena has a very hectic schedule, with lots of travel, plus tours, dance workouts, studio work and a lot of interviews and meetings. All this work burns off a lot of calories, far more than you are likely to burn off when doing an office job or looking after the house. In short, Selena Gomes is in great shape due to a combination of a healthy and active lifestyle and a (now) healthy diet.

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