Scarlett Johansson’s Diet and Workouts

Scarlett Johansson, Jan 2008

Scarlett Johansson is one of Hollywood’s sexiest, hottest celebs. Her most recent role is as Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) in The Avengers and she will be appearing in Captain America: The Winter Soldier in 2014.

Johansson does not discuss her personal life with the press so we know only a little about her. However, we do know that Johansson is a cheese fanatic, as she once said; “my greatest vice is cheese. Nothing else reigns over my life.

She is not afraid to break the Hollywood stereotype either, as she has repeatedly criticized the media and Hollywood for promoting an image that causes unhealthy diets and eating disorders among women.

“that being ultra-thin is not sexy at all. Women shouldn’t be forced to conform to unrealistic and unhealthy body images that the media promote.”

When asked about how she stays in such great shape, she says that she relies on eating well and walking a lot. She admits that she still has youth on her side. She sometimes does yoga, but puts her slim figure down mostly to living in the city, as “you do a lot of exercise and eat smartly.”

In 2012 she played Natasha Romanoff (a.k.a. Black Widow) in Avengers Assemble. Apparently she has been offered around $20 million to film the sequel. Her career is rocketing and she is making sure that she stays in good shape to play a super-heroine.

Actresses Are Too Thin

On Weight Issues in Hollywood, she told Australian Health & Fitness that “… there are actresses who I look at and say ‘They’re too thin for my taste’. I think that’s something that’s bought and sold by the media. It’s like someone said to me yesterday: ‘It must be so difficult for you. Aren’t you upset at the media coverage of celebrities and their private lives?

High Vegetable Diet and Stunt Workouts

In April 2012 Scarlett said that she had to adopt a high vegetable diet, with mostly low GI vegetables, to get into her Black Widow catsuit for the filming of the Avengers. She revealed her diet secrets during a press conference in London.

“You’re training and doing all that stunt work so you eat a lot of green things.” Scarlett Johansson, London, April 2012.

As well as eating a healthy, vegetable based diet, Scarlett also spent a lot of time working out in the “stunt gym”, perfecting the tumbles and moves that are required to play Black Widow. She explained that she had to perform many “huge, intense choreographed sequences“.

Takeaways Are OK In Moderation

Also, she does admit to eating a bit junk food, and the odd over indulgence!

“I like Burger King cheeseburger meals, because I like the toy and I love the charbroiled taste. So good. My dad is Danish. That makes me half Danish I suppose but I was born and raised in New York so I don’t consider myself to be European. I go to Denmark, I was there recently and we just had our first niece so I was in Copenhagen. I am really happy when I am there and I get really fat too, I can’t stop eating all the yummy food.”

She famously sums up her attitude with the following message:

“I am normal. I have ‘fat days,’ and I’m never going to be 5″11′ and 120 pounds. I’m not really the type of girl who goes jogging at 6 a.m., but I eat well and I walk a lot.”

Photo by Nymf (a.k.a. Elizabeth Bathory).