The Peter Andre’s Funky Junky Abs

Peter Andre on stagePeter Andre’s 6 pack used to be pretty famous, but then it disappeared for a while along with the rest of him. He has done his first come back tour and now has his own reality TV show (Peter Andre: The Next Chapter), which is a much more tranquil affair without his ex-wife Jordan stealing the show each week.

When he appeared on The Jonathan Ross to talk about his album and his tour, he looked in great shape. More importantly, he told Jonathan Ross his secrets to keeping fit. It is of course very simple, and the system that we promote here – exercise!

Peter Andre told Ross that he does not “diet”. He eats healthily most of the time, but never counts calories or watches portion size. What he does do is workout, and he does a lot of bodybuilding exercises to build muscle. Muscle burns fat, boosts metabolism and makes you look lean athletic and healthy.

We already have a selection of abdominal workouts on the site so will not repeat them here. But here are a few pointers for all those that want to know how to get a body like Peter Andre. This is his method for getting a 6 pack:

  • Eat a healthy well balanced diet
  • Do compound weight training exercises – use the large muscle groups
  • Vary your abs workouts and use weights to work the abdominal muscles harder
  • Do intensive interval training to increase fitness levels and burn more fat
  • Get more cardio exercise each day

The key really is to keep calories to a minimum, ensure that only healthy food goes in. Pete Andre has adopted the Caveman diet plan, which restricts all processed and baked foods. Fresh vegetables, fruits, pulses and lean meats with fish, poultry and eggs is the mainstay of his diet. Also ensure that you do a lot of exercise to keep burning the fat off and building the muscle.

He may say that he focuses on weight training and healthy diet, but he has also ran the London marathon, so this is a clear indication that cardio workouts, and specifically running, make up a large part of his fitness workouts.

To be really physically fit you need to aim for 2 workouts a day, one cardio session to burn additional fat and increase endurance, and a weight training session to focus on building muscle.

Pete Andre is currently training harder to be fully fit for the 2012 “Up Close & Personal Tour”.

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