Peter Andre Does The Caveman Diet

Peter Andre in concertPeter Andre did the caveman diet for around 6 weeks to help lose some fat. The caveman diet is a simple diet that tries to mimic what humans would have eaten in the days before agriculture. Allowed foods are generally raw fruits and vegetables, and if you are brave you can eat grubs. Actually, some meats are allowed, but ideally these should be organic. Fish and seafood are also allowed as there is a lot of evidence for “cavemen” fishing.

The main difference between a caveman diet and a modern western diet is the presence wheat and other grains, sugar, salt and saturated fat. Most of the foods we eat today would have been available to prehistoric people in one part of the world or another. However, to really get the feel of a caveman diet you should eat only locally grown produce that is organically farmed. So no bananas, unless they grow locally to you.

Peter Andre’s diet is not quite the same as what Walter L. Voegtlin set out. Peter Andre’s diet rules include:

  • Beef steak with a handful of nuts for breakfast
  • All nuts are OK
  • No pasta
  • No white rice
  • No bread
  • No chips (fries)
  • No fruit
  • No sugar and sweets
  • No wheat
  • No dairy

He has not revealed all the details of the diet to the public on his show yet, hopefully we will learn more soon. Fruit is not allowed, which is slightly odd as fruit is freely available and would have been one of the main carbohydrate sources in prehistoric times. Maybe he has been advised to reduce sugar consumption, and this includes fructose (sugar found in fruits).

The Paleo diet is the type of food that we believe prehistoric humans ate and not the list of allowed foods eaten by Peter Andre on his “caveman diet”.

Peter Andre is also doing weight training to help build muscle, lose fat and get fitter. He says that the main purpose of the diet is to be able to lose fat and build muscle at the same time without risking over training and being tired and run down.

Last year he said that he did not diet, instead he relied on exercise to stay in shape. It seems that he has now realized that he is not the young 20 something he used to be who never needed to diet, but is now a 30 something guy (he will be 39 in February 2012) who needs to work much harder to stop that middle-aged spread.

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