Mitch Hewer Says Cut Carbs and Lift

Mitch Hewer is a British actor that shot to fame since starring in the hit TV show Skins, in which he played a gay character called Maxxie Oliver.

He has a very lean body with good, almost wiry muscular definition, no too dissimilar to Brad Pitt in his earlier days. This led to him becoming a bit of a gay icon.

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Kate Winslet Pilates!

Sometimes celebrities make it into the news for all the wrong reasons. This week it is Kate Winslet, the beautiful British actress who as proud to not have leaped on the size zero bandwagon that afflicts so many Hollywood actresses and models.

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Megan Fox Ditches Dairy

Megan Fox has shot to fame recently since appearing in the new Transformers films. A brunette with lots of tattoos, and plans to get more, people are already labelling her …

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