Noomi Rapace Trains With Serbian Fighters

Noomi Rapace is the Swedish actress that shot to fame with the film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, playing the role of Lisbeth Salander. Born in 1979 she is 31 years old. Her father was a Spanish flamenco singer and her mother also an actress.

Healthy Low GI Diet

To lose some weight for the role Noomi went on a strict diet. She described the diet in an interview with the Telegraph newspaper:

“No bread, pasta, potatoes, no candy and no alcohol. All protein and vegetables.”

She had a “female softness” that she needed to get rid of to look the part of the tough, streetwise heroine Lisbeth Salander.

This diet is really a typical “caveman diet” which means that you avoid eating anything but “natural” foods – nothing processed, nothing refined. Just lean meats and vegetables. It ensures that you lose weight without losing muscle mass.

But Noomi needed to tone up too, and for that martial arts training was the answer.

Noomi Rapace Thai boxing and kick boxing Workouts

To give her a real tough look she trained in martial arts. Lisbeth (her character) is skinny but a fighter, sinewy and athletic. Noomi also insisted in getting involved in fight scenes, she did not want a stunt double to have all the fun.

7 Months Training With Serbian Fitness Trainer

She trained for 7 months with her Serbian trainer who covered various martial arts styles but focused on Thai boxing and kickboxing.

This type of training involves high intensity full bodyweight workouts, kicking routine, punching drills and a lot of combat fight sequences. This is a great way to get in shape and certainly produces a lean and athletic figure.

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