Nicole Mitchel Workouts For A Flat Stomach

Nicole Mitchell Murphy 2007Nicole Mitchel, the 43 year old model, mother of 5 children and ex-wife of Eddie Murphy, was recently seen leaving a gym wearing just shorts and a sports bra on a sunny day in Beverly Hills.

She is looking in amazing shape, with visible abs and a fit and healthy body. She does not have very toned muscles, and is proof that a woman can get a flat stomach after children without building big muscles.

We admit that her workouts are secret at the moment, or at least she has not told us what she does behind the closed doors of her private gym. But judging by her excellent figure we can surmise that her workout looks a bit like this;

  • Steady but long cardio warmup, around 45 minutes on the machines – elliptical, treadmill or swimming.
  • 30 minute on the resistance machines, workout all the muscles using a light to medium weight. Still aiming to work up a sweat rather than just lifting heavy weights.
  • Abdominal workouts. Her abs are visible and a sure sign that she has been crunching, leg raising, do bicycle crunches and twists.
  • Cool down and stretch.

To get a body like Nicole Mitchel the key is really to eat a very healthy and lean diet while also exercising on a regular basis. Healthy food is vital to help strengthen the body and avoid picking up illnesses and training injuries.

Stretching is important to help strengthen ligaments and joints, as well as make them more supple and increase the range of motion. This allows you to workout more safely.

The workouts are aimed to help burn more fat, above anything else – and she certainly has no problem with maintaining a toned stomach. Nicole could build a little muscle without looking at all bulky if she wanted, but she has chosen the very slender look. She carries it very well indeed. The most inspiring thing is that she proves that a 40 plus year old mom can get in great shape if you just work hard enough.

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