Myleene Klass loses weight in just 3 months

Myleene KlassMyleene Klass is the latest celebrity mom to lose weight very quickly after giving birth. Myleene had her second girl just 3 months ago but is already looking in fantastic shape with a flat stomach and toned legs.

She can be seen posing for Look Magazine, although she admits that she is not as slim as you appears in the photo. She described the photo shoot as the hardest workout she has ever done as she had to hold her stomach in tight for so long that her muscles were aching afterwards.

Myleene Klass Workouts

Usually intensive workouts are the solution to losing post-baby weight quickly. Myleene really does not like working out though and jokes that she only goes to the gym to use the full length mirrors. Of course, the important fact here is that she does indeed go to the gym, even if she jokes that she does not workout.

Myleene spoke about her struggle to control her weight last year. In March 2010 she spoke with Closer magazine and told them that her weight fluctuates a lot and that she suffers from cellulite on her arms.

She mostly does cardio workouts with core training too, such as basic sit ups and crunches to help tighten her stomach muscles.

In July 2010 The Sun did a feature on “Myleene’s exercise Klass”. We know most about her fitness workouts based on that article.

Her approach to exercise is to keep it simple but to put in 100% effort. So every day she will do dance workouts, skipping, ball games and even hula-hooping. It is a simple but effective approach to burning fat.

Really any exercise is effective at aiding weight loss, the only real issue is how much you do and how often you do it. Daily exercise is best as not only do you burn more calories each day you also raise your metabolism and help manage your appetite.

Myleene’s Diet

Before losing weight Myleene used to eat a lot of pizza, pasta, cheese and chocolate. She also admits that she used to eat takeaway food for breakfast.

But now her diet is much more healthy with meals consisting of eggs, sushi, salads and light pasta dishes. She maintains a healthy body and takes care to keep well nourished to maintain her energy levels, which is vital as a mother of 2 and a busy professional too.

Losing weight at any time is not easy and especially after birth. Remember that celebrities like Myleene have a great incentive to lose weight. If you are overweight you are unlikely to lose your job or get demoted, for a celebrity it can make the difference of winning a new lucrative contract or not.

To make a change in your life you have to be motivated. Dig deep and find your real reason to lose weight and then make a plan and stick to it. Follow a simple plan to start with, such as 30 minutes if cardio exercise every day at the same time.

Make exercise a part of your routine in the same way that cooking, shopping and watching television is a part of your routine. It is important that you do more to lose weight and get fit.

Photo by Louise Marcus-Hamilton.

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