Mitch Hewer Says Cut Carbs and Lift

Mitch Hewer is a British actor that shot to fame since starring in the hit TV show Skins, in which he played a gay character called Maxxie Oliver.

He has a very lean body with good, almost wiry muscular definition, no too dissimilar to Brad Pitt in his earlier days. This led to him becoming a bit of a gay icon.

Mitch Hewer loves to show off his body and even featured in Cosmopolitan magazine in June 2008 as part of a campaign to increase awareness about testicular cancer.

How Do You Get a V Section Like Mitch Hewer?

The key to a V Section is strict diet and intensive cardio work. Weight training plays a role to help increase muscle mass and metabolism, but ultimately it is about being well toned, having a low body fat content and being very fit.

I get compliments from girls about my ‘V’ section’ so I try to show it off as much as possible.” Mitch Hewer

According to his official Twitter page, he spends a lot of time now on Muscle Beach in Santa Monica. He is soaking up the LA atmosphere and hoping to make his break into Hollywood.

runyon canyon tomorrow morning!! then maybe go train at santa monica beach!! nothing like lifting your own weight all day in the sun!” Mitch Hewer 9:13 PM Feb 19th Twitter

Mitch Hewer loves his bodyweight circuit training workouts. These include press ups, dips, squats, burpees, core training and stability exercises. He also does a lot of hill running in Runyon Canyon, often with his training partner who is a boxer.

He learned gymnastics as a child and continues using these skills to help strengthen and tone his body – he can do back flips! He is also a great dancer and loves to dance at home in front of music videos to stay in shape.

Mitch Hewer takes protein supplements to ensure that his body gets the nutrition it requires to grow stronger without taking on too many calories. He drinks l-glutamine after workouts mixed with only water, but admits that it tastes horrible!

Why do bulky guys still look really out of shape! They need to cut the carbs and start training properly!! Sort it out !!! Lol

Sound advice for anyone wanting to lose some weight – reduce carbohydrate intake, eat more protein, and workout hard!

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  1. Ando Sand says:

    Thanks to Mitch Hewer my life has gone better xD no joking, i stopped smoking and work out alot now to get to taste a better life like he his. Thank you Mitch for being who you are!

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