Michael McIntyre Laughs Off His Weight and Loses 28 Pounds

Michael McIntyreThe current trend of healthy comics continues with Michael McIntyre being the latest in a long line of comedians that have lost weight. It really seems that they were all listening to Frank Skinner.

Michael McIntyre is now looking in great shape. He has lost about 28 pounds and now looks much healthier and younger than he did the last time he appeared in his TV show Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow. He was recently seen at the GQ Men of the Year award party with his wife kitty, wearing a styling black suit that fitted him well.

Michael McIntyre was never very overweight, but always a bit chubby. Your average chubby funny guy. British TV chat show host (retired) Jonathan Woss described Michael McIntyre as a chubby-cheeky ex-public school boy. He is a well spoken, intelligent comedian, and never actually relied on being overweight to amplify his comic talent. His weight loss has come as a surprise to all.

How Did Michael McIntyre Lose Weight?

Michael McIntyre did not go on a crash diet or send himself off to fat camp for 3 months. He attributes his weight loss to following a sensible, healthy lifestyle. Basically, he no longer eats too much, he eats a healthy diet that is well balanced and nutritious.

He is also working out in a local gym on a regular basis. Oh, some bad news for you guys – he has also quit drinking alcohol. This is rule no. 5, and once gain proof that quitting drinking can help lose weight.

He is proof to all men and women that you can lose weight and look great by making some simple little changes to your lifestyle.

Cutting Out Carbohydrates

Michael McIntyre has also reduced his carbohydrate intake dramatically. That is not to say he is on a carb-free diet or even a permanent Atkins Induction Phase, just that he has reduced that amount of bread, rice, pasta and other starchy and refined carbohydrates that he eats. And as already mentioned, carbs from beer have also been eliminated.

Our Recommended Weight Loss Method

If you wish to lose weight in a safe and controlled way like Michael McIntyre then the best method is to follow a Caveman Diet and workout with weights 3 times per week.

Really the most important factor for achieving successful weight loss is to be able to remain motivated. Having clear goals is vital. Michael said that he just wanted to get fit and healthy.

Being overweight makes both work and family life harder. Losing weight gives you more energy to do the things you love doing, from doing a job you love to playing with your children and watching them grow up.

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  1. Yes, it’s simple. ‘If you want to get thinner, eat less dinner.’

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