Mel B’s Frightening Fitness Workouts

Mel B totally fit DVD coverMel B, previously known as Scary Spice, from the Girl band the Spice Girls, is undoubtedly the fittest of the Spice Girls. Compared to Sporty, Baby, Ginger and Posh, she is head and shoulders above when it comes to the health and fitness game.

She recently modelled lingerie from Marks & Spencer’s, and with giant larger than life sized posters on display in shop windows, there is no doubting that she is in great shape. And now she has made her own fitness DVD, so that we can all follow in her footsteps.

Mel B is now a mother of two, which makes her great body all the more impressive. She is reported to have lost 3 stone (42 pounds / 19kg) in just 8 weeks through a strict exercise regime.

She was helped by her personal fitness instructor Joey Kormier, who has confirmed that her route to being a super fit yummy mummy was totally healthy, relying on health diet and exercise.

Mel B appeared in America’s Dancing With The Stars last year, where she showed off her fantastic figure and athletic prowess on the dance floor.

How to Get Fit Like Mel B?

Mel B utilises several methods to stay in great shape, which is the recommended approach to long term fitness, as this is the best way to avoid fitness boredom.

Dance Workouts

Being a pop star, dancing comes easy. Practising dance routines for hours on end is a great way to tone up, and provide excellent endurance training at the same time.

Dancing can provide a full body workout, especially when you start to do more adventurous moves such as lifts and leaps. If you need some motivation to dance, buy a dance fitness DVD or head off to your local dance club for lessons.

Kickboxing / boxercise

Kickboxing, in fact all martial arts, provides a great workout. Many of the exercises in kickboxing are similar to the old school military basic training routines, i.e. bodyweight circuit training, plus pad work, bag work and light sparring.

Kickboxing, like dancing, provides a great full body workout, with emphasis on plyometric training and building upper body stamina through punching routines.

Yoga Workouts

Mel B is also a yoga fan. Yoga is a great way to relax and workout at the same time.

Although not as energetic as dance or martial arts, it provides excellent strength and conditioning through various isometric postures, known as asanas. Some forms of yoga are more energetic than others though.

Ashtanga yoga provides a more intensive workout, with many Sun Salutations performed in each session.

Stomach Crunches

Stomach crunches are one of the best ways to target the abdominals. This basic tummy exercise can be done anywhere, any time, which makes it especially useful for those with a hectic lifestyle like Mel B.

Diet: 30/40/30 Balance

Mel B’s diet was carefully planned so that she received specific portions of each food type:

  • 30% protein (mostly chicken and fish)
  • 40% whole wheat and vegetables
  • 30% monosaturated fat (from oily fish, such as salmon, mackerel, sardines).

Weight Training

Weight training is one of the best ways to keep the fat off. Muscle requires a lot of energy to maintain itself, so the more muscle you have, the greater your metabolism is, which means that you burn more energy. And more energy burn equal less fat accumulated. See our weight training articles for ideas. Women need not worry about bulking up with weight training, as this just will not happen.

Protein Shakes for Breakfast

Mel B is a lover of protein shakes in the morning. They fire up your metabolism to help burn more fat, and are also essential for very active people as they fuel muscles and help repair and regrow muscle tissue after workouts.

If you follow these tips from Mel B, you too can get a super fit body. To learn more about how Mel B gets fit, watch her new fitness DVD, available both in the UK and America.

11 Comments on “Mel B’s Frightening Fitness Workouts

  1. i was just woundering if you can buy the dvd in store’s i live in canada and work full time and part-time helping my boy friend with his doughter and i dont have time to go to the gym and would love this dvd butt i dont have a credit card so how can i get it!

  2. Kathie, buy a credit card that you can load up with a certain amount of money and then use it to buy the dvd!

  3. Ilovealphaman says:

    I am definitely going to try this workout. The results look amazing!

  4. let it go says:

    Please buy the dvd. Mom to a two month old and I already see results…..

  5. Spice Girl says:

    Mel’s workout is so intense and so much fun. I have been working out to this DVD 5 mornings a week for the last 2 months and I have lost over 14 pounds already. It is amazing. Tip for all you mums – if you do the morning school run, have this DVD set up and ready so you workout as soon as you get in. Then shower and start the rest of the day. If you work, um, get up earlier!

  6. This question is for Spice Girl. Do you do all of the workouts 5 days a week? I am just curious if you did all of them or if you did bums, abs and legs one day or arms and chest the next day, for example.

  7. Hi I weigh 84 lbs and I’m just 17 wat should I do since I’m Nigerian pls help me I need 2 lose weight.

  8. MotleyHealth says:

    Hi Vivian. 84 pounds is very, very light. Are you sure you only weigh 84 pounds?

  9. Bitchez please keep in mind that a celeb like her is paid to look like that, its basically part of her job, the same way as we, the normal people, have 9-5 jobs in offices and such. So ofc she is pushed HARD to work out to look better than average. Stop looking up to celebs for their figure, and stop wasting time buying bullshit videos. If you do want to shape up, you do not need videos used by a celeb. Just cut down on food and start working out, hard, in anyway (running, gym, homeworkout, whatever), if you really complain about looks. Also, its all about motivation, don’t cry that it is hard, if you really want to shape up. The vids are also hard, its not like getting fit just watching them. Getting in shape is free or very cheep to accomplish. Don’t waste money on stupid workout vids.

  10. Hi can I get the dvd I live in south africa

  11. MotleyHealth says:

    it is probably available on amazon maybe you can order online and have it delivered.

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