Max George shows off his toned body on Twitter

Max George's twitter picMax George from The Wanted has posted a selfie wearing just his Yankee Black ‘NY’ baseball cap, Lonsdale boxers and trackies (joggers), revealing his well honed upper body and tattoos.

He has been training with Intensifit personal training in Manchester, England. According to their website they focus on building motivation and goals. It was actually Intensifit who posted a photo of Max on Twitter first, writing: “@MaxTheWanted making some top gains in the gym. Absolute unit! Keep up the good work mate.

Max’s workouts

Max obviously works his whole body hard with both intensive cardio and weight training. According to La Yoga, Max performs a few hundred push ups every day as a part of his fitness regime. His broad shoulders and upper chest suggest that this is probably not far from the truth. After a workout with fellow band member Jay McGuiness he said “Good luck with those shoulders in the morning!!”.

The photo suggests he enjoys boxing training too as he is wearing gloves. The preference to wear the Lonsdale brand may also be because he likes to work a heavy bag for fitness.

There is no doubt that he also does a lot of core workouts to get a slim and well defined waist. Certainly looks like a boxers core.

Max’s diet

Before his fitness transformation Max was drinking too much and comfort eating a lot after the breakup of a previous relationship. He once said: “I had a real problem with drinking too much.”

However, he has now got himself back on track with regards to his health and fitness. He has generally switched beer for the gym, but also eats clean to stay lean.

His favorite vegetable is broccoli and he loves baked broccoli with cheese, mayo and lemon.

The biggest secret to his fitness is that he works hard in each visit to the gym, and works out often. A combination of regular intensive workouts and a lean diet will reduce weight and develop a toned body.

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