Mariah Carey’s 90 Minute Workouts

Mariah Carey at the première of Tennessee at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival. Photo by David ShankboneMariah’s secret weight loss weapon is her nutrition and fitness coach, who helped her reshape her body, but also makes sure she follows her strict diet.

Mariah Carey revealed to Oprah that her workouts usually last for 1 – 1.5 hours and combine cardio with resistance training. To tone her arms, Mariah uses her own body weight and stretches, taking exercises form yoga and pilates. She generally swims for the cardio part of her workout. About swimming, she said the benefit of working out in the pool is that the water acts as resistance, you’re actually exercising twice as hard without feeling it.”

Mariah has also started to deal with her insomnia, which had been a problem since childhood. Years ago she revealed that she rarely went bed before 5am, and described herself as a girl of the night. She also rarely got up before 2pm, and her first meal of the day would be a slice of pizza rather than a proper breakfast. She told Oprah that “I talked to a nutritionist who helped me in terms of what foods I can eat that will help me sleep at the end of the day. Sleep deprivation is not good for your physical health—you can die—and I didn’t realize it before!”

Mariah Carey’s workouts are rather long, possible longer than required, although the stretches most likely offer her an opportunity to relax and unwind, as well as tone. Swimming is a great way to get fit, but you have to be disciplined to workout intensively in the pool, and not to just enjoy frolicking in the water for a while. Swimming lengths, and improving times, is a great way to stay focussed in the pool.

Mariah Carey’s Diet:

Mariah follows the rules set out by her nutritionist and trainer, Patricia. She typically eats “lighter” meals, meaning less starch, less bread, less high GI foods, and more low GI foods such as baked clams, fish, vegetable soups, and fruits such as blueberries and strawberries. The basis of Patricia’s diet is:

  • Everything in moderation
  • No mixing of carbs with proteins and fats
  • Eat berries – blueberries, strawberries – good snack foods

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2 Comments on “Mariah Carey’s 90 Minute Workouts”

  1. hey there, i am 16 and struggle with weight loss. i am not obese but i do have a bit of a gut i’d like to shift because it’s really starting to knock my confidence, especially with beach season coming up soon. i exercise when i remember which is usually a 20-30 minute workout of sit ups, push ups and some improvisation of dancing to my ipod. i also do p.e. gcse which is another reason to want to lose weight. my diet is fairly balanced although, to be honest, i don’t eat much all round but as soon as i walk in the door at home i home i raid every kitchen cupboard even if i’m only remotely hungry. my main areas to lose weight are my legs arms and tummy. i can’t have too much off a drastic diet change otherwise my mum will ask questions and she’snot a very understanding women. please help. any tip, however small, will be much appreciated. many thanks, kate xxx

  2. MotleyHealth says:

    “i don’t eat much all round but as soon as i walk in the door at home i home i raid every kitchen cupboard”

    This alone suggests that you need to eat more during the day. A healthy and filling breakfast and lunch will prevent binge eating, which is what you do when “raiding” the kitchen. Controlling apetite is vital. Hopefully soon nutrition will be covered in your PE lessons so you will understand how important good nutrition is. Athletes are not born in amazing shape – they work hard at it for years, and make sacrifices. We all need to follow in their footsteps to stay fit and healthy.

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