Lauren Pope’s Heart Break Diet

Lauren Pope selfie from her Twitter page. After a gym workout in California
Lauren Pope selfie from her Twitter page. After a gym workout in California

Lauren Pope is a DJ, glamour model and probably most famous for appearing in structured reality TV show The Only Way is Essex. She is also a successful entrepreneur, having launched a clothing range and an online dating website called Hope With Pope. She is 112lbs (51kg) and 5 foot 7 tall (170cm).

She has recently been seen enjoying the sunshine and beaches in California. She was looking in fantastic shape in her pink bikini and certainly has both a flat and toned stomach.

For a short while Lauren was actually a little too slim. When she spit with boyfriend Kirk Norcross she lost weight and became, in her own words, a little too skinny. Stress and worry can lead to loss of appetite and weight loss.

“I have had zero appetite. I’ve been on the heart break diet.”

But through some healthy eating and a new fitness plan she gained weight and got in shape.

“I was desperate to put on weight and now everyone says I look a lot healthier. My collarbone and ribs aren’t jutting out any more – I feel sexier!”

Protein Diet

One of Lauren’s tricks is to take a spoonful of protein powder with her breakfast. This ensures that she gets protein with every meal, which helps her to build stronger muscles and helps to ward off hunger for longer too.

She has stopped eating all junk food and eats instead more healthy, carbohydrate rich foods, such as brown rice, salads, mixed vegetables and oats. In 2010 she did drop carbs in the evening and followed some more restrictive diets, but she says that she lost too much weight and lost the shape of her butt in the process.

In August 2013 she followed an alkaline diet as part of the detox to lose weight. Although judging by her Twitter update, she may have been on an acid diet: “Results from an alkaline free pre holiday diet…felt so good for it and highly recommend” – she shared a photo on Instagram of her and friends in bikinis.

Coconut Oil

She uses coconut oil in cooking now, and asked the world (via Twitter, obviously!): “Why didnt i start using this sooner?!” She describes is as healthy living, and not being on a diet. She certainly does not need to lose weight, but of course, a diet simply the food that we eat – this often confuses people!

Green smoothies

She is also a fan of green smoothies. These are drinks made from highly nutritious green vegetables which provide a boost of vitamins and anti-oxidants. Very healthy. You can make a smoothie from some of these greens.

Gym Workouts

She did say that she was too busy for the gym, but in June 2012 she started posting selfies of her newly toned stomach after starting a gym workout plan.

 “Sweaty Betty #gym #selfie #summerbody.” – Twitter @LaurenPope

She has continued with her regular workouts. She is now doing short and intensive workouts to target different parts of the body each time. This is a great way for busy people to get in shape as you do not have to find the time to do a full body workout.

Lauren is certainly dedicated to fitness at the moment. On a recent business trip to California she said “Turning this jet lag into a positive and already done a gym workout.”

Her recent trip to America has not been all work though. The day after a house party she posted to Twitter: “No time for a hangover today! 30 min abs blast circuit done n dusted.”

An abs blast circuit is a short and intensive workout that focuses on the abs. Workouts can include full body exercises such as squat jumps, high knees, mountain climbers and lunges as well as the plant, crunches. Ideally a warm-up should be completed first and some stretching follows.

She also uses the treadmill at the gym and does some kettlebell exercises too. Overall Lauren works her whole body with a combination of cardio and weight training exercises. A pretty standard workout really, producing pretty good results.

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