Lauren Goodger Plans to be “Toned, Healthy and Muscly”

Lauren GoodgerLauren Goodger, the UK reality TV star from TOWIE, has vowed that she will end her long struggle with her weight and lose fat and get fit.

In a recent vacation to Egypt, Goodger was photographed by a tabloid paper on the beach in her bikini. She was horrified with her own image, describing herself in New! magazine as looking like “a beached whale”  and decided that it is now time to get in shape!

In her New! column this month she wrote: “I’m 12st 9lbs and the heaviest I’ve ever been, but I’ve been distracting myself with other things so I don’t have to think about it.”

Destroyed by Alcohol Fad Diets

Goodger used to be in excellent shape but over the years gained a lot of weight. the cause is overeating and alcohol. She says that she has tried many fad diets but these just made matters worse.

She explained: “I’ve tried so many diets in the past, but I think these photos will finally give me the push I need to sort my body out.”

In the past she tried military style fitness bootcamps on the beach and sipping low-calorie shakes and soups, but she never managed to stay motivated long enough to see results.

Many people are mocked when they share their weight loss photos with friends on social media, but it really does help keep people motivated. You cannot continue to live in denial of a weight problem after your photo has been shared over social media, and if it is you who does the sharing, you put yourself in control.

I Want to Lose 3 Stone

Goodger said that she wants to lose about 3 stone (42 pounds, 19 kg) and she will do it with diet and exercise.

She has made it clear that she wants to be fit and athletic and to regain some of her youth: “I don’t want to be skinny – I want to be toned, healthy and muscly”.

It will be interesting to watch her transformation. MotleyHealth wishes Lauren the best of luck!


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