Kimberly Wyatt the Flexi Doll Talks Fitness

Pussy Cat Dolls Singer Kimberly WyattKimberly Wyatt is best known as a former member of the girl band Pussy Cat Dolls. She is now forging a new solo career. She is in fantastic shape with a well toned stomach and signs of a six pack.

Kimberly is a professionally trained dancer and worked as a professional dancer for a while. She started dancing when she was 7 years old and at 14 she had won a scholarship in New York’s Joffrey Ballet and the Broadway Dance Center. After college she then spent some time as a professional dancer for Royal Caribbean working on Cruise Liners.

She still features as a dancer in some films and music videos, such as as a nightclub dancer in the 2004 film version of Starsky & Hutch and also the Black Eyed Peas music video for “Shut Up”. She also choreographed the dance routines in the Nick Lachet’s version of the same song, “Shut Up”.

Flexi Doll

Kimberly Wyatt got the nickname Flexi Doll as she is such a supple Pussy Cat Doll. She could perform splits with apparent ease, something that she learnt to do during her ballet training.

To get fit like Kimberly Wyatt you need to focus on both diet and fitness.

Kimberly’s Fitness Workouts

Kimberly burns a lot of calories every day. Her workouts are often intense and long. She spends hours a day perfecting dance routines and this alone is enough to keep her in fantastic shape. She runs a lot of improve are stamina, essential to get through busy days and long tours.

She does a lot of ab busting workouts to keep her well toned stomach in top shape and to keep her core strength high for the long dance routines.

Core training involves cardio workouts to warm up followed by a series of full body conditioning exercises such as squats, lunges, push ups, crunches, leg raises, planks and stability ball exercises. Cardio is done to intensity to help increase fitness levels.

If you want to workout like Kimberly the best thing is to invest in a dance workout DVD and perform 60 minutes of dance workouts and complimentary training (stretching, strength training) every day.

Stretching plays a big role and dynamic stretching, similar to dance and ballet workouts, helps maintain flexibility as well as strength and balance.

Kimberly admits that the hardest thing is doing high impact dance workouts while wearing high heels. This is not really recommended as it is note good for posture and spine, but it does provide an excellent workout.

Kimberly’s main advice for fitness is to keep exercise interesting by changing routines often. Always try new methods of training, do different classes, workout at different times. If you usually just run then try dance, or martial arts or circuit training to work the body in new ways and prevent hitting a fitness plateau. Bored is what usually puts people off exercise. So long as you are enjoying your workouts you will keep working hard and get the result you desire.

Kimberly’s Diet

To fuel her muscles she needs to eat a well balanced diet. She keeps low GI carbohydrates to a minimum to ensure that she is eating slow release energy, rich proteins and healthy fats. Even for someone as active as Kimberly too much sugar (processed sugars and low GI foods) is enough to cause some weight gain.

It is very important for her to eat a well balanced diet that is rich in very nutritious carbohydrates. Empty carbs are the biggest enemy when you are trying to stay in shape, so bread and pasta is avoided and salads, fruits, vegetables and pulses are encouraged.

Proteins are essential to maintain muscle tone, but the protein source has to be lean, so lean chicken, turkey and fish are preferred. Fatty meats should be avoided.

Kimberly’s Diet Secrets Revealed on Twitter

Kimberly often shares her diet on her Twitter page, This week she has mentioned the following diet tips:

  • Eat Quesadilla and salad for a healthy energy boost
  • Go to a farmers market to stock up on healthy food
  • Eat raw foods – nuts, kale, honey
  • Grow your own tomatoes for instant healthy snacks at home
  • Drink healthy smoothies for extra vitamins and quick energy

Kimberly emphasises that balance is the key. Find the fruits and vegetables that you like, drink plenty of water to keep digestion active and your skin healthy. Avoid soda, limit alcohol. Enjoy your food, but do not overindulge.

The most important thing for her though is to focus on keeping portion size down. The more you eat, the more fat you gain. It really is that simple.

Photo: Kimerly Wyatt by Joel Telling

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