Keyshia Cole loses her baby fat after birth of first child

Keyshia ColeHave you seen Keyshia Cole recently? She gave birth to her first child on 2nd March 2010, just 4 months ago, and is already looking in great shape.

She has always been a very fit woman. In 2009 Cole was on the front cover of Vibe (image) and King magazine. She appeared with her foster mum Yvonne Cole in the June issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine.

So how did Keyshia Cole lose weight so quickly? She probably went on a calorie restrictive diet with an emphasis on cutting out all sugar and excess energy, plus also doing intensive cardio workouts and dance routines.

Keyshia Cole has been seen out pounding the pavements in her running shoes on several occasions, so running for fitness plays an important role in her workout regime.

For many singers being able to perform intense dance routines on stage is vital for their careers, so getting back on track with the diet and fitness is in a way easier as the motivation to lose weight is so much greater.

Really losing weight is easy, in the sense that the physical aspect of weight loss is easy. You just eat less and exercise more. What is always hard is the mental aspect – staying on track and not giving in. Most people fail to lose weight because of the little treats they give themselves which are never really deserved and do nothing but stop them from losing weight.

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