Kelly Ripa’s Healthy ABCs

Kelly Ripa, taken at the 2007 Red Dress Collection for the Heart Truth foundation.
Kelly Ripa, at the 2007 Red Dress Collection for the Heart Truth foundation.

Kelly Ripa is in the news at the moment for making a funny remark about herself. She says that when she is working out in the gym she looks more like Peter Pan than Kelly Ripa.

Who is Kelly Ripa? Kelly is a television presenter that is possibly most famous for Live with Regis and True Jackson, VP. She is also a mother of 3. Kelly Ripa is in great shape, but this was not always the case. She used to smoke, but managed to give up in 2007. She has made some workout videos too to help others lose weight and get fit.

Kelly Ripa’s Diet

Kelly does not follow any set diet plan, instead she just eats a healthy range of foods and keeps her portions under control. This is really the best type of diet anyone can have – you control your food intake yourself.

The key is to learn how much food you need and what foods are good for you. She does ensure that she gets lot of proteins and keeps refined carbs to a minimum which helps control appetite.

She always carries some healthy snacks such as apples and carrot sticks with her so she is not tempted to eat junk food. She also eats a lot of fish, yogurt and fruit and nuts. She still enjoys treats like lasagne.

Kelly Ripa’s Fitness

Kelly is a fan of the gym, so performs a lot of the standard cardio work with some resistance training. She generally prefers bodyweight exercises over machines as these can be performed anywhere. For cardio she often skips (one of the best calorie burners and great for fitness too) in addition to some old school fitness exercises such as jumping jacks and burpees. She also runs 3-5 miles several times a week. Often she exercises for around 2 hours a day.

The Kelly Ripa Workout

Kelly shares her workout secrets with us in her local gym. She shows how to get great calves, burn off arm fat, tone stomach and thighs. A total body workout. She works out with her personal trainer Keith Byard. She moves out of the gym at the end for an outdoor cardio session – road running.

Kelly Ripa’s Alphabet Workout

Here she does a dynamic workout with marine Mitch Cole as Regis did not fancy a workout himself. This is a simple 6 pound medicine ball workout. A silly workout but certainly gets you moving. Finishes with 20 push ups.

Photo credit: The Heart Truth

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