Kelly Brook Does Not Need To “Go on a Diet”

Kelly Brook shares her fitness and diet tipsKelly Brook is without doubt one the UK’s most attractive and fittest celebrities. She is also one the the most energetic, bouncy and fun loving celebrities, according to Health & Fitness magazine.

Kelly Brook has in the past made tongue-in-cheek claims that her fitness is due to having lots of “special cuddles” with her partner. However, she now reveals that her love of dancing is the true key to her success, as well as more traditional aerobic exercises.

Kelly Brooks Early Career

Kelly started her show business career over a decade ago. When she was just 16 she became a model after her mum entered her into a competition.

Since then she modelled for various companies including Foster’s Lager, Renault Megane and Walkers crisps. She then modelled lingerie for Bravissimo, which led to her career as a page three model after being spotted by the Daily Star editorial team.

Kelly Voted Britain’s Sexiest Woman

In 2005 she was FHM’s sexiest woman. In 2007 Kelly danced in the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing show, and put in some great performances. Last night (Sat 16th May) she appeared as a special guest judge on Britain’s Got Talent.

How does Kelly Brook workout?

So, how does she stay in such great shape? What does Kelly Brook eat? Kelly’s first tips for staying in shape is to be realistic. She told Health & Fitness that as she approaches 30, she realises that she has to do much more to continue to look great.

When she was younger, it was relatively easy, but now diet and exercise are essential. Her main method of staying in shape is dancing now, although she used to do a lot of walking and Pilates. But she says that dancing actually built more muscle and better definition that any of her previous exercise regimes, and that she felt a lot better mentally as well as physically for being dance fit.

Kelly Brook says that variety is the key to staying motivated. She soon gets bored, so mixing up workouts really helps. She does a lot of dancing and dance workouts, and adds dumbbells and exercise balls to her dance workouts. She also runs, hula hoops, does aqua aerobics or traditional circuit training outside. She gains a lot of inspiration and advice from her personal fitness coach Tamayah Ahmad, who is Rebook’s UK master trainer.

Kelly is also happy to do some weight training. She says that women who avoid weight training for fear of bulking up are “living in a dream world” or just using it as an excuse to avoid exercise. Her advice for people that cannot afford a personal trainer is to find a friend that they can exercise with, as this is also a great way to stay motivated.

Natural Exercise Outdoors

However, more than anything Kelly enjoys being outdoors. She lives on a farm in Kent and enjoys riding her bike, walking in the countryside with her dog and swimming also. She also says that she enjoys gardening, which she finds relaxing as well as a good gentle exercise.

What is Kelly Brook’s Diet?

In 2010 Kelly Brook told the Daily Mail that she does not bother with diet, or at least, she does not follow any specific diet plans and does not “go on a diet”. She just eats a healthy diet and stays active.

She does take a woman’s supplement, although as she has a healthy diet she may not need it. Some women do benefit from additional iron and folate supplements though.

She did follow the macrobiotic diet once (the same diet that Gwyneth Paltrow has done) when she was feeling tired and lacking energy but it caused her to gain weight so she stopped. She also found that the macrobiotic diet was too strict and she got bored with having to follow the rules all the time.

So, what are the keys to Kelly Brook’s great figure?

  • Stability Ball exercises to strengthen the core muscles, including pikes and dorsal raises.
  • Running for endurance and cardiovascular fitness
  • Bodyweight circuit training for full body workouts and muscle toning
  • Dancing for cardio, flexibility and lots of fun!

5 Comments on “Kelly Brook Does Not Need To “Go on a Diet””

  1. Kelly Brook is definitely one of the best walking adverts there is around for varying your weight loss programme!

    Stability balls are particularly great as they activate your body’s ability to sense movement. I use my stability ball mainly for Pilates, but if I ever suffer an exercise related injury I always go back to the stability ball to assist with any aches and pains.

    I’ll definitely give Kelly Brooks dance video a go next time I fancy adding some variety to my exercise regime.

  2. Atomic Kitten’s Liz McClarnon has lost 14 pounds in just 6 weeks after starting a new weight loss workout program. She once refused to exercise, saying that it just was not for her. Now she loves to workout and weighs a health 126 pounds (9 stone).

    She says that she has lost her belly fat, or “muffin top”, so that her belly no longer spills over the top of her jeans. She says that she feels so much more confident and happier with her new figure.
    Exercise is Fun

    After years of neglecting her body’s needs she has finally discovered that exercise is fun. She has probably started to realise that the endorphins released when you exercise really do make you feel good, and with a fitter and healthier body that feel good factor can last all day.

    She has admitted that she used to get out of breath very easily, walking up just one flight of stairs was often enough to get her breathless.

    Kelly Brook is Her Inspiration

    Liz looked to Kelly Brook for inspiration, as she wanted to develop a well toned but curvy look. Few women realise that a sexy figure requires a healthy amount of muscle to give shape and hold to the body.

    She says that she is now very happy with her weight and has no plans to carry on losing weight, she just wants to maintain her healthy and curvy figure while continuing to exercise for health and fitness.

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