Katy Perry Roars Her Way to 130 Pounds With The 5 Factor Plan

Katy Perry on stageKaty Perry, winner in the Best female category at the MTV EMA 2013 awards, is in great shape. How does she do it? Our research shows that Katy certainly uses the tried and tested methods of regular intensive exercise and a healthy diet to stay in great shape. She has been doing this for years, her body is not the result of a quick fix or fad diet. Let’s look deeper.

Katy Perry is 5 ft 8 inches (173 cm) tall and weighs around 130 pounds (59 kg). Her body measurements are 32-24-35 inches. This makes her BMI about 19.8, which is close to perfect and very healthy.

2013 diet changes

Katy Perry appeared on the front cover of Vogue magazine in 2013 and shared some of her recent fitness tips with readers. She admits that she did “a cleanse”, but this was not an off-the-shelf product, but her own formula to get back in great shape.

She supplemented her diet with extra vitamins and minerals and stopped drinking coffee completely, switching if for green tea. She also quit drinking alcohol for three months. She made these sacrifices specifically to get on the front of Vogue magazine.

M-Plan diet

Although we said that she avoids fad diets and quick fixes, in May 2013 Katy did try a diet plan called the M Diet. The M-Plan involves replacing either lunch or dinner with a mushroom based meal. this the M. The plan lasts for two weeks and promises good results in this time. Mushrooms are good source of protein and fibre both of which can aid weight loss.

5-star wedding diet

In 2010 Katy started preparing for her wedding to Russell Brand. Part of the preparation involved losing a little weight and getting in shape. So she hired the help of US fitness trainer Harley Pasternak. Harley is a celebrity fitness instructor who created the 5 Factor Diet.

As with any weight loss plan the key to success is following a strict diet and doing intensive workouts.

Harley Pasternak spoke about her preparations and said: “She’s getting in shape for everything – wedding, music videos, touring. She works out as often as she can – she’s a busy woman – but her goal is five times a week and she eats five small meals a day.”

The Mirror ran a news story on Katy saying: “5-factor plan is for real women who want curves in all the right places.

The 5 Factor Plan

Here are the key elements to the 5 Factor Plan. The plan is obviously more involved than this, this is just a brief overview:

(1) Eat 5 times a day – more frequent and smaller meals is a good way to manage appetite and keep the body fuelled with vital energy.

(2) Meals must consist of 5 ingredients or less – this forces you to avoid all processed foods, junk food and takeaways as these always contain more than five ingredients.

(3) Meals should take just 5 minutes to prepare – meals that are quick to prepare are made from fresher ingrediets. For example, a salad and not a pizza!

(4) Allow yourself one cheat day a week – one day off a week is allowed. Most people have Sunday off so they can enjoy a nice meal with the family.

(5) You should do 5 short workouts a week. For workouts, see below.

5 meal ingredients

Each meal should include something from each of these five groups of ingredients:

(1) A low-fat protein: chicken breasts, fish, shellfish, egg whites or cottage cheese.
(2) Healthy carbohydrate: beans, lentils, brown rice, wild rice, fruit.
(3) Fibre: from healthy carbs such as beans, oats, lentils, barley, brown rice, wholegrain bread, vegetables (except potatoes) and fruit.
(4) Healthy fats: cooking oils such as olive and rapeseed (no full-fat dairy).
(5) A sugarfree drink: water, green tea, coffee

The Fitness Plan

Three Key Weight Training Exercises

The 5 Factor uses weight training exercises as this is what tones muscles. Muscle toning is just another way to say bodybuilding – you work your muscles to make them bigger and more defined while also burning fat to slim down.

  • Bicep curl
  • Lunges
  • Double crunch

These three simple exercises work all the major muscles – the arms, the legs and the core. You can of course do more, but these are the cornerstones of the 5 Factor Plan.

The power of 5 fitness

Cardio fitness is important too in this plan. Katy Perry was performing five minutes of five different exercises, at least five days a week. So that is 25 minutes a day of intensive exercise fives times a week. Good cardio options include: running, cycling, dancing, brisk walking or swimming.

Frequent and intensive exercise is considered to be more effective than long  and slow workouts. They get the heart rate up, burn fat and shock the body into growing stronger muscles.

Katy Perry is obviously a fit celebrity. She does not starve herself to stay slim, she works hard at maintaining a healthy body.

Many other celebs have followed the same 5 Factor fitness plan, including Lady GagaSeth Rogen’, Megan FoxRihanna and Miley Cyrus.

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