Josie Gibson Loses 6 Stone (84 Pounds) With Diet And Exercise

Josie Gibson before after
Josie Gibson before after weight loss

In the latest OK! magazine (Issue 851, Oct 2012) there is an interesting interview with Josie Gibson, a UK “reality TV queen”. She recently lost 84 pounds with a combination of diet and exercise, and there were no fads or crazy starvation tactics used either. In fact, the method she used is very similar to the one that we recommend here at MotleyHealth. So for that reason, we have decided to share.

Josie Gibson is 27 years old from Bristol, UK. She shot to fame after appearing in as a house-mate on Big Brother, a reality TV show in which contestants have to live together in the same house while being constantly recorded. She went on to win Big Brother in 2010, then entered Ultimate Big Brother afterwards. This led to her becoming a regular host on OK! TV.

When she started her diet she was 17 stone (238 pounds) and a UK size 18 (US size 16). Her waist was around 36 inches, and while she is quite tall, standing at 5 ft 11, she was still very overweight. In her interview with OK! she described herself as “a beast“. She is now 154 pounds and a UK size 10 (US size 8), and her waist is around 26 inches. She lost an amazing 10 inches on her waist!

Her problems started gradually. She now realises that she was addicted to sugar. She was always craving snacks and junk food and was also drinking a lot. She now describes sugar as a drug and talks about how it ages the skin and is even linked with brain cancer. We have talked about the harmful effects of sugar before.

“We give it to our kids and get them hooked when they’re little.” – Josie Gibson.

Admitting that you are addicted to food is really the first step in losing weight. Many people live in denial of their addictive relationship with food. Most people massively underestimate how much they eat every day – and this includes those who are actively trying to lose weight.

Josie used to eat high fat, sugary foods. She cited her favorite meals as beef and red wine stew with lashings of ice-cream.

Dropped 84 Pounds and 8 Dress Sizes

After her diet and fitness plan Josie lost 84 pounds (6 stone). She actually lose 8 stone in all, as after suffering from an ankle injury she gained 2 stone back and had to lose it again.

She described her addiction after she broke her ankle. She would spend all evening on the sofa watching television and send her partner out daily to buy more Viennetta ice-cream. There are around 720 Calories in each container of Viennetta – this would be a daily evening snack. Her excuse for eating so much ice cream was because she “needed calcium“. Addicts always create excuses for their actions. She decided that ice cream was a suitable source of much-needed calcium to help speed up the recovery process after breaking an ankle!

However, she did manage to get back on track again and lose the rest of her excess weight. How?

Exercise and Diet

Josie lost most of her weight between May and July 2012 – just 3 months. She exercised 4 times a week. She now enjoys exercising and says that she often wants to exercise daily now. Exercise has given her more energy and makes her want to get up and do things. But most important for now, the exercise has helped her to lose weight and get in shape.

While she did not give a description of the type of workouts she does, we know from experience that she must be training hard. A combination of regular intensive cardio sessions, with some weight training is needed. Take a look at our article weight training for women to get an idea of what she is doing. The key is to exercise hard. If you are not sweating heavily, out of breath and aching the following day, then you are not exercising hard enough to get in shape.

Diet is simple really. The key is to stop eating all sugary food. This includes all processed foods (sugar is often adding during processing). She says that on her diet you can eat as much greens as you like and she often fills up on cabbage, green beans and leeks.

She is drinking less alcohol too and now tries to restrict drinking to the weekend. She also drinks Champagne now as it has fewer calories per glass. However, she says that the best part of drinking less is waking up every day feeling fresh and ready for action.

Typical Meals

For breakfast she usually has porridge with soya milk, with a banana or tree bark topping. Tree bark is often used as a sugar substitute by diabetics as it is sweet but contains very little sugar. She has stopped eating all dairy products too, which is why she has soya milk.

She always has a morning snack of nuts or a protein shake. She finds that it is better to eat smaller portions with snacks in between to help manage her appetite better. This does not work for everybody though and many people end up eating too much.

For lunch she usually has soup, sushi or a chicken salad. Soup is an excellent choice for lunch as it leaves you feeling full for longer.

She then has an afternoon snack of an apple or some cherries. She explains that the afternoon snacks are to “stop a dinner time pig out“.

Dinner is usually the greens that were mentioned earlier, along with some salmon or other lean protein. She has “no carbs after 6pm“, however, we are not sure if this means no carbohydrate at all (i.e. no vegetables or fruits) or just no processed carbs (bread, pasta etc.). It could be no carbs at all.

Omega 3 For Healthier Skin

As well as eating to manage her weight, she also eats for good internal health and to look good. She eats plenty of salmon as it is beneficial to her skin. It could be the omega 3 fatty acids helping here. She also has 2 teaspoons of fish oil a day to help “flush the fats out“. The omega 3 fatty acids may be helping reduce fat here, although the science is non-conclusive at the moment.

Low GI Diet

Essentially Josie’s diet became a low GI diet. This is simply a diet that focuses on foods that contain carbohydrates that are harder or slower to digest. This helps to manage hunger and also keeps blood glucose levels under control which in turn prevents weight gain.

Healthy Weight Loss

Josie says that she has not stopped losing weight yet. She wishes to get down to a UK size 8, but she says that she wishes to “do it all healthy“. No fad diets, just simple healthy eating and regular exercise.

She is proof that a combination of regular exercise and a good diet really can help you to lose weight and get in great shape. Not only is she looking much better, but she feels much better too and it has given her a new lease of life. She is currently planning a trip to South Africa with her partner, Luke Sanwo, to help build a school. This is something that she would not have considered doing when she weighed in at 238 pounds.

Future Success

Her appearance on Big Brother seems to have boosted Josie’s career to no end. Before appearing on television Josie was a financial sales rep in Bristol. In 2011 she released her own perfume, simply called “Josie“. She has set up a website,, where she sells limited edition clothing. However, her biggest success is a move into television.

She is a reporter for OK! TV (Channel 5, UK) and also an animal reporter on another Channel 5 show called “Live With ….“.

She also writes a regular column in Now magazine called “Just Josie“. She has also done photo shoots with Closer magazine and appeared on other TV shows such as Celebrity Wedding Planner, Gino & Mel – Lets do Lunch, The Wright Stuff, Celebrity Juice, Live From Studio Five, The Vanessa Show, and Loose Women. Plus her own reality TV programs, John James and Josie: What happened Next and There’s Something About Josie.

Was downside to it all – before losing weight Josie was nominated as “Plus size role model & model of the year” and to be the face of Curvissa, a company that specialises in clothing for women sized 14 to 32.

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