Jessica Biel’s strict workout program

Jessica Biel
Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel is now considered to be one of Hollywood’s fittest female celebrities. She is certainly hot property. In her latest role she plays Captain Charisa Sosa in the new A Team movie. If you want to see her in full colour then grab the latest copy of Glamour magazine as she is their feature for July.

Charisa Sosa worked in the department of defence before being part of the A Team. The film is going to be similar to the classic TV series, but will have a more serious feel to it. She describes the A Team as: “They are the best, and they specialize in the ridiculous.”

Charisa Sosa is a front line soldier, so she is strong and ripped. Jessica Biel had to maintain a very strict workout program to ensure that she stayed in great shape for the role. Jessica Biel likes to perform a wide variety of exercise to keep fit and toned.

Jessica Biel Exercise Workouts

She does yoga twice a week, focussing on the more intensive styles such as the Ashtanga Sun Salutation, which works the whole body to strengthen and tone. She is also a great lover of circuit training workouts and does pushups, sit-ups, side bridges, lat pull downs and burpees.

In addition to yoga Jessica Biel also does weight training. Weight training is really the key to getting a fit, athletic and ripped body. The most important weight training exercises for Jessica Biel are dumbbell rows, crunches, squats hanging leg raises and planks.

She does not want to build up her chest and shoulder too much so focuses on arms, legs, back and building solid core strength with lean, toned muscles. Strength and explosive power come before size.

To gain additional athleticism she also performs plyometric squat jumps, a sign that she is really serious about getting fit.

Jessica also loves walking and hiking. She has some dogs which she walks whenever she has the chance. A good long walk over hilly terrain is a great way to tone up the legs.

Jessica Biel’s Diet

As we know diet is key to getting a great body. Jessica prefers to go organic and eats a lot of natural raw foods such as nuts and fruits as well as protein shakes to help maintain her muscles.

For breakfast she generally eat whole grain breads with egg whites (great protein source). Lunch includes light salads, raw vegetable sticks with hummus dip and fish.

She loves chicken meatballs and spaghetti for dinner, a healthy source of proteins and carbohydrates.

Jessica Biel also got into amazing shape for her role as Abigail Whistler in Blade:Trinity which also featured Ryan Reynolds.

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  1. I was wondering, will there be an article in the near future on Bradley Cooper? I’ve noticed that in this movie as well as others that he’s done, he has been in outstanding shape!

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