Jessica Alba Ditches Sin City for the South Beach

Jessica AlbaJessica Alba recently presented at the 2011 Bafta’s and looked great wearing a blue Versace dress. Of course, the question we are really interested in is, how does Jessica Alba stay in such great shape? Well, it is not just tummy tuckers that keep her waist line under control, she exercises hard and eats healthily.

Like many celebrities Jessica Alba has a personal trainer who not only provides a fitness plan but also gives advice on nutrition and diet.

Her trainer spoke with In Touch Weekly about her role in Sin City 2 which is still in the early stage of production (possibly to be released late 2012 or 2013). Her trainer said that they key to her shape was portion control – ensuring that she does not eat too many calories each day.

One trick that Jessica employs is to only eat half her dinner. If she eats out, which she does often, she will limit herself to just half the food, and ensure that she eats the healthiest parts first.

No Bread or Desserts

She also limits sugar intake by avoiding bread and sweet desserts at meal times. Snacking is also out of the question. Bread is considered to be very healthy but many people consume too much each day. For some people bread alone is the cause of weight gain.

Jessica’s South Beach Diet

Apparently Jessica follows the South Beach Diet plan, or at least uses it to provide a foundation for her diet. The key elements of the South Beach Diet is to avoid refined foods (thus the avoidance of bread and desserts) and to eat a rich variety of vegetables and lean meat.

Wholegrain foods are allowed after the initial induction phase, but many people prefer to avoid bread althogether as this can make maintaining a slim and athletic figure easier. Details of foods allowed on the South Beach Diet are here.

Jessica’s Fitness Workouts

Jessica Alba keeps in shape by exercising on a regular basis. Emphasis is on cardio workouts, her trainer says that the best way for a woman to burn fat and slim down is to do a couple of hours of cardio every day.

Jessica does not have to work for this long now though, and instead combines regular cardiovascular workouts of around half an hour with weight training workouts and yoga sessions. Cardio is great for health and burning fat, but weight training and yoga help to tone and shape best.

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