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Jenny Jones on Channel 4

Jenny Jones is from Bristol in the UK and is a pro snowboarder. She has won three gold medals in the Winter X Games. In 2002 she was rated as one of the hottest “100 babes” by Loaded magazine.

Jenny has been snowboarding since she was 17 years old. She is now 33 years old and the Sochi 2014 Games may be her last chance to win an Olympic gold.

She started when a local dry slope offered free lessons to drum up some interest in their business. Before snowboarding she was competing in athletics and gymnastics events, so she was already in excellent shape, being both fit, strong, agile and having a great sense of balance.

Jenny competes in Slopestyle, which is a course with obstacles, pipes and jumps. It is not a race and is not timed; points are awarded for style and skills. There are now 10 Olympic snowboarding events.


Jenny Jones’ top tips for snowboard is to keep your knees bent. Off season training involves a lot of bodyweight workouts including squats, lunges, lateral lunges, running and plenty of stretching.

Jenny shared her top five exercises with in Devember 2013.

  1. Hip Bridging: Lie on your back with legs bent and then raise your hips upwards so that your body forms a straight line from knees to shoulders. Carefully lower back to the floor. As you get fitter perform one-legged hip bridges by lifting one foot off the ground. Perform 3 sets of 10.
  2. Foot Clocks: This takes some preparation. Mark out 12 hands of a clock on the floor using masking tape, chalk or something else that can easily be cleaned up. Squat down on one leg and then step with other leg to the 12 o’clock position but do not touch the floor. Bring the foot back and then take the foot to 1 o’clock. Continue all around the clock, without touching the floor. Repeat on other leg. This is an excellent leg strengthener.
  3. Walking lunge: The walking lunge may look easy but after ten steps it starts hurting. Simply lunge forward, allow rear knee to touch (or almost touch) the floor before standing up on leading leg and then stepping forward with the other leg. Walk the length of the room or if outside count ten paces before turning around. Start with 10 lunges and build up to 20 to 30.
  4. Clock squat jumps: the clock is back. This time perform squat jumps by squatting down a little and leaping upwards. Start with your feet on opposite “hands” and then on each jump turn to land at an angle, performing rotations of 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2. Perform in both directions.
  5. Bear crawl: The bear crawl is an excellent body weight exercise. Start on hands and knees and then bring one foot up under your hips to step forward while the opposite hand “steps” forwards. Keep your back straight and walk / crawl forwards. Once you have gone forward as far as you can, or around 10 meters if outside, crawl backwards by reversing this movement.

Also look at our article on ski workouts which provides some good exercises for winter sports fans.

Sachi Games News

Jenny Jones is having a good Winter Games. She finished fifth in women’s snowboard slopestyle qualifying heat one with a best score of 74.25 from her first run to advance to the semi-finals.

After qualificying she said: “I was really happy with the first run and then I was ready to step that up but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

“I came off the cannon wrong [in the second run] and because I didn’t land well I wouldn’t have had enough speed to cut back over and get off the jump, so I just had to cut out.

“And then once you have missed the first jump you can’t really hit the rest, there isn’t really any point either.”

Jenny Jones was also the first woman to compete in the 2014 Sachi Winter Games. She said: “It’s nice to have that. And I am glad to have landed my run being the first person to drop in. There were definitely some nerves.”

Well done Jenny!

2 Comments on “Jenny Jones’ Snowboarding Workouts”

  1. MotleyHealth says:

    Well done Jenny! Bronze medal in the Sochi 2014 Games!

  2. MotleyHealth says:

    Jenny Jones said:

    “It feels amazing. I cannot believe it, I just can’t believe it. Even when I was in the gold medal position I knew I was going to drop but I didn’t know how far. I am just so happy that I stayed on the podium.

    “It was so difficult waiting. I thought I did my best run and landed it as best as I could, thankfully it was enough.

    “That was a long waiting game. It feels just ridiculous right now and I can’t actually believe it.

    “I’m so pleased, I’m just amazed at the situation that I’m in. I feel so proud to get on the podium. A few said ‘is she past it?’ but I did what I could and, thankfully, it got me on there.

    “I gave myself a lot to do having to come through the semi-finals but I just tried to keep focussed and keep my game head on.

    “I feel absolutely ecstatic, I’m just so chuffed to have made it onto the podium. I knew I’d drop down because there were so many girls to come but it was just a question of how far. When the last girl went and I realised she’d missed the rail, I thought, ‘oh my goodness I’ve made it’.”

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