Jennifer Love Hewitt Swings Herself Fit

Jennifer Love Hewitt - Ghost WhispererJennifer Love Hewitt is an actress and singer that is now most famous for her role as Melinda Gordon in the Ghost Whisperer and has also starred in films such as I Know What You Did Last Summer, Tropic Thunder, The Tuxedo, Cafe and Jewtopia. She also plays Riley Parks, the lead role, in  Lifetime’s The Client List.

Maxim once described her as one of the most attractive actresses on screen and in 1999 said that she was the sexiest woman in the World. Popular television reference TV Guide also said in 2008 that she was the sexiest woman on television. So she is certainly one to be watched.

Jennifer Love Hewitt was criticizes unfairly a few years ago after some paps took photos of her sun bathing in her bikini.

Some bloggers decided that she was overweight, which is crazy seeing that she was a size 2 at the time, but it lead to her getting back into her fitness regime and with the help of her personal trainer she lost 18 pounds and got her sexy, fit body back once again. A lot more than can be said for the overweight bloggers slumped over their keyboards that were sop quick to criticize!

So, what do we know about Jennifer Love Hewitt’s diet and workouts? Is she a vegetarian, or does she just drink smoothies? Does she run, do yoga, weight training or dance? Lets find out.

1500-1800 calories a day

According to ifit&healthy she started losing weight by adopting a strict 1500-1800 calories a day diet. She is guided by her personal trainer Sant’Angelo who tells her to eat whole grains only, lots of protein and fresh fruits and vegetables.

For breakfast she generally has mixed fruit and low fat Greek yogurt. Snacks are usually apples with peanut butter, cheese cubes and raw vegetables. She eats lots of vegetables with her meals and eats Ezekiel sprouted bread instead of white or brown wheat bread.

One hour workouts

She works out four days a week for one hour. She always warms up well for 10 minutes, which generally involved running or skipping to get the blood flowing well.

She is a fan of kettlebells (or at least her personal trainer is) and does low intensity kettlebell workouts for 45 minutes, which includes:

  • Shoulder presses
  • Bicep curls
  • Squats
  • Tricep kickbacks
  • plyometric jumps.

She also works her core with crunches, planks and a variety of other exercises. They key is to keep is simple but interesting.

Cardio exercise

She also loves to go roller skating, jogging and running and does circuit training exercises such as press ups, leg raises and lunges. Regular cardio exercise helps to maintain a healthy weight by burning off excess sugar / energy and preventing fat gain. Jennifer does around 40 minutes of cardio every session.

She basically follows a healthy and varied fitness regime which sees her perform a wide range of movements at varying intensities. A model for fitness and health indeed. Well done Jennifer Love Hewitt.

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